#VotePlouffe for the 2014 All-Star Game in Minneapolis, MN – July 15th

Want free stuff?

How about the chance to win some cool things, like freebies I pick up at the All-Star Game, baseball cards, or other baseball related things that I can pull together?  If this intrigues you, continue reading.

What do I do?

The first step is to go to the MLB page for ASG voting (linked in this sentence) and make sure that you log in with your MLB account for your chance to vote 35 times (don’t worry, once you fill it out once, you just have to enter verification numbers to vote for the same batch in rounds 2-35).

Then… just send me screenshots like the one below, showing me that you have voted the maximum number of times that day for Trevor Plouffe at 3B for the AL All-Star team.


And while not a requirement, may I also suggest voting for Chris Colabello as either DH (like I did) or outfield?  The guy is on fire and his story is truly remarkable.

***Do you have a favorite player (non-3B in the AL) that you would like me to vote for?  I’ll gladly accept “trades” and the good news is that you are still entered in the contest to win a prize.***

Where do I send the screenshots?

Send any screenshots to me via Twitter or to my email (subject suggestion: #VotePlouffe).  Email address is: VotePlouffe (at) gmail (dot) com.

What are the rules?

For each maximum vote screenshot you will have one entry in this contest.  You are free to (and also encouraged to) send a screenshot for each email address that you reach your maximum voting (hence the “vote often” part of the slogan).  The more entries you submit, the better the chances that you win a prize.

Be sure to also vote the maximum number of times every 24 hours.  The more you vote, the more entries, and the more entries you have, the more likely you are to win!

As I do not know the total number of submissions or total number of prizes (yet), I cannot give the odds, but I will say this: I will try my best to have a good number of prizes and ones that will make it worth your time voting.

I will try to keep a running tally somewhere for all to see – either a new blog post which I can edit, or comments below this entry – some how there will be some transparency (and friendly competition).


Be sure to vote (unlimited number of times – try for about 25, though) for Trevor Plouffe to be part of the HR Derby.  He’ll need to be written in, but I’d much rather see him over Joe Mauer – since Target Field is built more for right handed hitters, especially ones that pull the ball, instead of lefties that try to go opposite-center.  Send that screen shot (can do this one daily) to my email address or Twitter, like I mentioned for the ASG voting above.

Vote Plouffe HR Derby

Your screenshot should look something like this.  Remember, there is no maximum number of votes, but please, submit it a few times to be sure the “Vote Plouffe” message is heard.  He is second on the list of most HRs hit at Target field, only one behind Josh Willingham!


12 thoughts on “#VotePlouffe for the 2014 All-Star Game in Minneapolis, MN – July 15th

  1. How many thousands of votes do you think this little group will account for when it’s all said and done? #VotePlouffe

    Standings (as of 6/23/2014 @ 8:33 pm):
    @BostonBallhawk: 376
    @phiballhawk: 221
    @MLBLarry: 69
    Aaron M: 67
    @sfgmoney: 39
    Everyone Else: 0

    • As a small thank you, everyone on the list above gets a couple bonus freebies – a “Stand Up 2 Cancer” pin and a MN Twins collapsible water bottle. The grand prizes will be cooler, but who doesn’t like extra freebies?

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    • I have some game used things that will be the major attractions – a few minor league jerseys, a bat, and some other random goodies. Sound good?

      • Sound good? That sounds great
        I would offer to pitch in a #VotePhillies shirt but I don’t want to ship it out and I don’t know how many of them I can get

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