Consistency – Balls 280-285 (May 16, 2014)

Seattle Mariners 4 – Minnesota Twins 5

Target Field – Minneapolis, MN

May 14, 2014



For the sake of not being long-winded, let’s jump right into it…

Ball #1:


With the Twins wrapping up BP and gates opened for only a couple of minutes, I quickly made sure I was on the board by getting a toss-up from Jared Burton.  As it was a weekend game (and finally sunny), many groups were showing up for the game – seems like all of them were baseball teams.  I decided not to fight the fans in the stands and just leisurely view batting practice and hope for a couple toss-ups.  The streak was already secured, so why not?

Ball #2:


Scott Ullger hooked me up with a toss-up while he was talking to Chris Colabello at first base.  This ball was obviously used as a warm-up for the grounders.

Ball #3:


As Robinson Cano ended him infield session and tossed the ball in, he made a terrible throw over the coaches head and it rolled towards me.  I asked the coach for it and was rewarded with my 3rd of the day.  Not bad for not trying full force.

Ball #4:


The last ball of BP came from coach Rich Donnelly of the Mariners, who tossed me a ball that was hanging around the batting cage area.



Yep, you know what that means, something fun that isn’t me catching a ball.  This time…



Chris Colabello brought out a new pair of batting gloves and as he walked back with his old batting gloves in hand, he threw me a glove and then tossed the other to an area of fans that were not paying attention.  After about 30 seconds, someone finally picked up the glove.  I would have collected the pair, but a barrier prevented me.

Game on…

Ball #5:


Eduardo Escobar popped up to the right fielder, Michael Saunders, in the bottom of the 3rd.  The ball was then thrown in and deemed unpitchable by pitcher Chris Young, who threw it in to the dugout.  Chris Woodward ended up with the ball in the Seattle dugout and at the end of the inning I asked him for the ball (nicely) and continued my streak of games this year with a gamer (11 for 11 this year, counting Spring Training).

And here’s a nice photo of Robinson Cano…


Is he any good?  Think he will ever be able to retire comfortably?

Ball #6:



The second gamer of the night was a warm-up pitch by Kyle Gibson in the top of the 6th.  Guess who tossed it to me…

Yep, Dominique!  Have I mentioned that he is awesome?

This makes two straight games at 6 balls – seems like I am settling into a groove (just over five and a half for the regular season average).



That’s the routine “group shot” that I end the blog post on.  Good additions to the baseball-cave?


Thank Yous:

  • Jared Burton – My first toss-up by Jared and the first one of the day.
  • Scott Ullger – The fifth toss-up by Mr. Ullger of my career.
  • Robinson Cano – Not often that I root for errors, but thanks for making a bad throw in BP – it didn’t hurt his stats, but helped mine.
  • Rich Donnelly – I worked with a guy by the same last name, kinda cool.
  • Chris Woodward – Extended my “gamer streak” to 11 for the year.  I wonder what the record is…
  • Dominique – It seems as though his name should permanently be on this list.

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