No BP? No Big Deal. – Balls 286-288 (May 26, 2014)

Texas Rangers 7 – Minnesota Twins 2

Target Field – Minneapolis, MN

May 26, 2014 (Memorial Day)



I was a little bit bummed and then very concerned for quite some time.  The batting cage was NOT up when I arrived at Target Field an hour before gates opened, which meant any hopes of putting up a big number were dashed.  I reverted to just “getting on the board”.

Ball #1:

photo 3

It wasn’t until shortly before the game started (within a half an hour or so) that I got career ball #286 (season ball #97).  At this point the only other streak that I was (admittedly less) concerned about was my “gamer streak”.


photo 1

What can I say?  Trevor Plouffe is my favorite player.

Ball #2:

photo 4

In the bottom of the 5th, I hung out by the dugout, just hoping to see something or get a good photo.  Instead, I walked away with a gamer that was used as a warm-up pitch by Nick Tepesch (and tossed to me by former Twins player-current Twins coach, Tom Brunansky).

Ball #3:

photo 5

Once the game concluded, I waited for any last balls.  This is the 99th of 2014… so close to triple digits for the 2nd year in a row – only need 10 more the entire year to tie my 2013 mark (a huge Spring Training does help).  However, I now have 42 regular season balls in 2014, which I didn’t reach until 7/31/2013 – so even my regular season stats are better.

Before I get to the gratuitous photo of the haul for the day, how about an idea of just how nice it was at the game today?

photo (1)

The winter was long, and this was the first decent (read: summer-ish) weather at a baseball game.  We need to celebrate days like these in MN.

photo 2

How about the haul?  Three balls, a pair of batting gloves, and 3 BBQ tongs!  Not a bad day at the park.  FYI: One of these tongs might just be part of the giveaways for #VotePlouffe promotion that I am running.

I’ll have to confirm my calculations for the NAMI donation amount, but I believe the total is now at $203.75.


Thank You:

  • Dominique – Easily running away with most balls tossed to me by one person.
  • Trevor Plouffe – I am slowly building a complete 2014 uniform… which is AWESOME!
  • Tom Brunansky – Always cool to get a toss-up from a former player that you watched when you were a little kid.


Don’t forget… #VotePlouffe!!

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