Baseball Fever – Balls 329-335 (July 22, 2014)

Cleveland Indians 8 – Minnesota Twins 2

Target Field – Minneapolis, MN

July 22, 2014


 ***Admission:  I did not stay for the whole game, in fact, I left after one inning.  I wanted to stay, but my entire body ached, my head was foggy and felt like I was going to pass out, and when I got home, my temperature was 101.2.  I felt like crap.***

Though I had a short day at the park, I was able to get my hands on 7 balls before tapping out.  The streak of gamers even lives – thanks Oswaldo Arcia!

Ball #1:


Not even in the gates yet and already able to get on the board.  This eliminates any worry of a “post-ASG funk” for me.

Ball #2:


Thanks to a generous grounds keeper guy who was chatting with some Twins, I had my first “in the stadium” ball of the day.

Ball #3:


An unknown Twins player with a shot to LF… it was not Trevor Plouffe, though – I know that much.

Ball #4:


Once the gates were open to the public (non-STHers), I went over to the LF foul area, since an usher was having a hard time finding a ball that was hit in that area a few minutes prior.  I saw which section, but it had rolled all the way down to the front row.

Ball #5:


Indians strength coach/staffer.  not much else I can say.

Ball #6:


I wanted to thank Dom for the great ASG experience and after we talked for a while, I got this pearly treat.

Ball #7:


Game ball from Oswaldo Arcia – just ask in Spanish and you shall be rewarded.

There it is, the quick version of my feverish night.  I am kicking myself because I was planning on being in RF for most of the time – Carlos Santana hit a bomb to the plaza, too.

Oh well.

Here’s the haul:


Oh yeah, I even got Nick Swisher’s autograph!


Thank yous:

  • Twins worker/field guy
  • Twins HR hitter
  • Indians Strength Coach/staffer
  • Dominique
  • Oswaldo Arcia

5 thoughts on “Baseball Fever – Balls 329-335 (July 22, 2014)

  1. How do you get in for early BP? Can you just buy season tickets for a weeknight game and they’ll let you in at Gate 29? We want to get in for early BP because we are going to a game soon.

    • You are supposed to have a STH ID card, but I also heard at the gate that they were letting in people with the season tickets (the larger tix).

      • So if I buy a season ticket, I can get in for early BP? What time do they let people in?

      • Half hour before the normal gates open – only Monday through Thursdays, though.

        I’m not guaranteeing that the Season Ticket will get you in, but I did overhear the main worker saying that last time.

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