HYPNOTOAD says: “Read this Blog!” – Balls 342-346 (August 18, 2014)

Kansas City Royals 6 – Minnesota Twins 4

Target Field – Minneapolis, MN

August 18, 2014


Entering the day I was sitting at 95 balls snagged for the year that were NOT caught at spring training.  While I do not discriminate between Floridian (or Arizonan, or is it Arizonian?) balls and nationwide “MLB ballpark” balls, many folks do.  So hitting the century mark is kind of a significant milestone, especially when you come so close last year (91).  Five balls seemed more than doable, but then again, it was the Royals – a team that I just cannot crack for big numbers.

Now that I have you attention and have been brainwashed to love this blog, let’s get into the “details” of the game…

Ball #1:


A simple toss-up from Nori Aoki.  Glad I was wearing my Omar Rodriguez-Lopez shirt which had the Japanese text “You’re Welcome” on it.  Nori got a kick out of it and that’s how I got on the board.

Ball #2:


Eric Hosmer (on the DL) was shagging balls and throwning them in all with one arm (a la Jim Abbott).

Ball #3:


Last of the Royals group was another Francisley Bueno toss-up.  This is my third from the guy.  Either he is just that nice or I am just that lucky.

Ball #4:


Slightly before the game started – with thunderstorms surrounding the Twin Cities and much of the rest of the state, Dominique made his way out from the clubhouse, only to look injured.  His back was spasming and he was going to be forced to sit out his second straight game.  Before he went back in, he was nice enough to give me #99 of the year… direct from the game-ball bag.

Ball #5:

First off, let me just say that I was completely stupid.  I got a toss-up during the game from Trevor Plouffe (as he was on deck) and I decided that I would just toss this one (of all balls) to a kid.  I knew it was my 100th of the year AND from Trevor, but my brain was apparently on vacation.  What a fitting ball that would have been.  Instead…


A toss-up from Eduardo Escobar in the middle of the 5th inning.  Still another gamer, also very grateful, but where was my mind?  I could have easily given this one to that kid (just would have been a little later in the game).  Oh well.


And how about my half-baked attempt at a group shot signifying the milestone of 100 balls snagged during the regular season?


Not my best, but midnight on a work night leads to less than optimal quality.

And how about that sky last night?!


The storms that barely clipped us led to quite the colorful cloud formation as a backdrop.

PS:  If you ever decide to frequent the Champions Club, order a Regular Tony or a Skinny Tony (Coke/Diet Coke with Lime Juice… that lime stuff in a bottle like the cherry grenadine):



Thank yous:

  • Nori Aoki
  • Eric Hosmer
  • Francisley Bueno
  • Dominique
  • Eduardo Escobar

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