September Baseball: The Calm Before the Cold – Balls 347-354 (September 2, 2014)

Chicago White Sox 6 – Minnesota Twins 3

Target Field – Minneapolis, MN

September 2, 2014


September lately has meant one thing: the end of the baseball season in Minnesota.  Would I like to see that streak end?  You betcha.  but lately it has meant that catching baseballs at Target Field is rather easy and good times are bountiful (in a pure ballhawking sense).  Couple the September uptick with the Chicago White Sox, a team I normally go bang or bust when in town, and you have the set up for somehting exciting.

Also special this game was meeting Nick from Chicago – goes by “whitesoxfan” on mygameballs.  Nick reached out to me via email and I had a spare season ticket to offer, so he pulled the trigger and made his first trek to my home stadium.  I’ll introduce you (visually) at the end of the blog and give you the totals, but I’m happy to report that he was not skunked.

Confession/Embarrassing Moment:

I forgot my shoes at home and came straight from work.  The result?


Black shoes and black socks with plaid shorts and a White Sox t-shirt.  Sexy.

Ball #1:


At the gate I was rewarded with this rather average baseball.  Nick was already on the board with two at this point (and soon to be three), so it was nice to go into the game without a shutout.

Ball #2:


Oswaldo Arcia.  El hombre.

Ball #3:


Joe McEwing (as pictured in the background).  This ball was a back-pocket special.

Ball #4:


Game time.  Ball number one of FOUR gamers.  This was fromt he top of the second.  thanks, Dom.

Ball #5:


Kurt Suzuki 3rd out ball.  Tommy Milone struck out Tyler Flowers (who homered twice in the game, including in the 10th) to end the top of the 3rd.

Ball #6:


This wonderfully scuffed gamer was tossed to me by Michael Taylor.  It was a 3-2 pitch by Anthony Swarzak to Paul Konerko in the top of the 5th (no out).

Ball #7:


Ron Gardenhire.  He is a nice man.  This was a random gamer rolled into the dugout and then tossed to me after a couple bounces on the dugout floor by the skipper.

Ball #8:


After the game, Dom tossed me one more – this one from the ball-bag, but it was a ball that bullpen catcher Ben Richardson tossed in.  It is not a gamer, since it has that slippery, well-used from playing catch feel (and the blackness from the leather).

I thought i forgot to take a photo of the ball, so when I went to the restroom onthe way out I took this:


Classy.  Can’t forget those pix!


I met up with Nick one last time and took a quick photo.  He ended the night at 6 and for those who cannot read up until this miraculous point, I got 8.  His six at a not-so-ballhawk-friendly park and his first time visiting is rather impressive.  Well done, sir.



Now the family photo.  Meet the September-Second-Ball family (a lot of hyphens, as it is a Latin tradition):



Thank yous:

  • Target Field Gate Worker
  • Oswaldo Arcia (gracias!)
  • Joe McEwing
  • Kurt Suzuki
  • Michael Taylor
  • Ron Gardenhire
  • Dominque
  • Nick (whitesoxfan) – thanks for being good gate company.

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