Opening Day… Moments Away

TwinsFest Tickets – Check

Spring Training Tickets – Check

Opening Day Tickets – Check

Baseball Fever – Double Check

Outlet for Baseball – NONE


I’m going stir-crazy, so many baseball things on the horizon, but nothing substantial for nearly two more months.  Sure, I can get a small fix at TwinsFest (tomorrow), but that’s more of a trade show – nothing more than a cash-grab without actual baseball.

But before I pathetically pine for Opening Day any longer, let’s revisit some good memories and examine a sweet “Opening Day 2015” related story…

Tony in the Media – 2014:

  1. Intentional Talk – HR Derby Outtakes
  2. Rolling Stone – Balls Deep: A Home Run Derby Diary
  3. – Kennys Vargas’ First MLB HR
  4. 96.3 KTWIN – Interview with Lindsay Guentzel

Not a bad list, if I do say so myself.  Self-pimpery doesn’t come easy for me, but it was a great bit of fun to bit involved in all of these various media bits.  I don’t ever expect to be the focus of the limelight, but to say I hope to have my likeness show up like “Where’s Waldo” would be nothing short of true.  Who knows what 2015 will bring…

2014 Collage

Wait, I will be featured (somewhat) on a form of media near and dear to my elementary-school-aged heart…

Topps Opening Day 2015 Series!

Yep, I was lucky enough to have one of my photographs chosen for the inaugural “Topps Live” insert that will be included in the Opening Day Series of baseball cards.  I always dreamt of having my own baseball card – I may or may not have two that I drew back in grade school that my mother still holds on to – but once it was apparent my baseball dreams were over, the next best thing would be to have a photo I shot be on a card.

Quest fulfilled!

Here is a sneak peek at the image that they will use:  (Raw first, Instagram second)



Phillies at Twins - June 11 2013

I do not know how they will crop it, but this picture will be used in some form.  So go out and buy a few packs/boxes and cross your fingers.  You might just pull an insert that I had a part in making!  (PS: You have NO idea how cool that sounds being able to say that.)

So baseball gods, I ask you this: Please make Opening Day (at least the Spring Training version) come soon.  I miss baseball.  The readers miss baseball.  Baseball players miss baseball.  THE STADIUMS MISS BASEBALL!  Think of the poor empty seats!

5 thoughts on “Opening Day… Moments Away

  1. Will they be giving you some copies of that card? I just might have to buy one (steal one) from you. Any chance you’ll sign one for me? 😉 Oh and make it out to, “That one guy I am jealous of because he’s so cool,” if you don’t mind.

    • They are supposed to send us a photographers proof set by March 31, 2015. I am just as excited to see my card. I have been searching the internet to see what the odds are to get one, etc. My mom was looking for the packs today. LOL. I heard the retail packs were only .99 so that’s cool.

      • I found a small box of 11 packs for $9.99 at Target (usually also at WalMart, too). I’ve gone through 35 packs and still haven’t found mine. *fingers crossed*
        Good luck to you, I hope you are able to pull you mr OWN card from a pack soon (how cool does that sound?!).

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