Writer’s Block (These Are a Few of My Favorite Things?)

I don’t know if it is the cold temps, the excitement of baseball that seems forever away, or just a good old fashion writer’s block, but here I am – late February and nothing half-formed ideas and frustration.

So instead of dwelling on what I cannot think of or write, how about something I have enjoyed as of late?  I guess this is my last non-baseball/offseason/filler post until October (or November, if my team defies Vegas’ odds).


I know that I gave my 2014 top ten less than two months ago, but a lot has changed in under 60 days.  Though the 2015 music cycle is slowly gaining traction (few releases are winter releases), my focus/time has been spent on older albums and genres I have only recently started to explore.

  • Miles Davis – What can I say, except, “late to the party”, I guess.  This man was a genius.  I’ve fallen in love with:
    • Kind of Blue
    • Sketches of Spain
    • Agharta
    • In A Silent Way
    • Bitches Brew
    • The Cellar Door Sessions
    • …OK, I guess it’s more like his entire catalog
  • Ornette Coleman – Rules?!  There are none – this is the beautiful “Fight Club” of jazz.
    • Free Jazz: A Collective Improvisation
    • At the “Golden Circle” Stockholm (Volumes 1 + 2)
  • John Coltrane – The perfect blend between Miles’ controlled harmonies and Ornette’s free thinking that jazz has not limits.
    • Ascension
    • The First Trane!
    • Standard Coltrane
  • King Crimson – I’ve listened to them for a few years, but getting deeper into jazz/jazz-fusion has led me back to them.
    • In the Court of the Crimson King: An Observation By King Crimson
  • The Mahavishnu Orchestra – John McLaughlin worked with Miles Davis, so of course I had to revisit them.
    • The Inner Mounting Flame
    • Birds of Fire
    • Apocalypse
  • Captain Beefheart – Straight-up crazy/odd music.  This might be the artist that started my “challenge yourself” campaign.
    • Trout Mask Replica
  • Jean-Luc Ponty – Frank Zappa (Captain Beefheart’s discoverer) AND John McLaughlin used this jazz violinist?!
    • Enigmatic Ocean


I like to take pictures (which works well with detailing my ballhawk and baseball adventures/roadtrips).  So here are a few of my favorite in the last few months – be forewarned, I take a few pictures of my spoiled puppy (@evelyn_nibbler_voda on Instagram).

Evelyn Nibbler:


Post-surgery.  Glad we made it through the spaying with no huge complications.


Snow-cone… Puppy-style.


My childhood puppy (Kirby) photographed on the same couch that Evie is being photographed in.


Grandma is proud that she can still hold Evie.


“O hai!”


“I said MORE pupperoni!”


“This is the face that mom cannot resist.” – Evie’s brain


Embarrassing Christmas Sweater photo.



Puppy-dog eyes: Maximum Power




Best movie advert ever?  Little did I know that this was a movie about the Soviet hockey teams of long ago.  (This is Lagoon + Hennepin.)



A date night would not be complete without some food.  Galactic Pizza was our destination.  (This is 29th + Lyndale.)



On our way to Glam Doll Donuts.  (This is Franklin + Nicollet.)




With temps above freezing and a sunny sky, TwinsFest could have been mistaken for the Home Opener.  You never know what you’ll get in April in MN (or January for that matter), so we’ll see which day has better baseball weather.


How about a night game?  In January?  Got to the park just a few months too early.



Trevor Plouffe, Stand Up 2 Cancer.



That Miguel Sano guy, I think people like him, yeah?





See above: You do not have to like this album, but challenge yourself, you just might find something you’ve been missing out on for years.






What vegans eat: A homemade meat(less)ball pizza.



Remember the 90s?


Valentine’s Day:


From Evelyn… best Valentine ever.

My Wife (Jael):


…in LEGO form.  Re-enactment of a nasty fall.



My wife did my hair.  She also braided it.


So that’s it.  The last post until baseball starts (or lightning strikes and gives me back full control of my brain as a very amateur writer).


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