Opening Day 2015: A Couple Firsts During My Sixth – Balls 401-404 (April 13, 2015)

Kansas City Royals 12 – Minnesota Twins 3

Target Field – Minneapolis, MN

April 13, 2015

Six Opening Days at Target Field and I have attended… ALL SIX.  My traditional partner, Jared, was also present (aren’t traditions/superstitions great?!).  I got to the gates around 9 am and soon after I was doing this…


Wicked flow, eh?  Anywho, after the gates opened, and the sweatshirts were received (yep, best clothing stadium giveaway, ever), Jared and I made our way into the right field seats – along with Paul.

Jared was the firs ton the board, a toss-up from Casey Fien.


I had called out to Casey and he turned quickly to see Jared (20 feet to my left) and tossed it to him.  He realized shortly after that it was not Jared who had called out for a ball, but me, so…

Ball #1:


Casey Fien was the first to hook me up with a non-Selig baseball at a regular season game!  Casey wins the award for the most toss-ups in 2015 (so far), as well as consideration for most ever that I’ve witnessed at a game.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the totals were in the double-digits during the brief time I started keeping track.

Ball #2:

Shortly after the first ball of the day (being on the board alleviates a lot of stress) I went over to my Champions Club seat/section.  I had one last goal in mind, getting an Opening Day ball.  I wasn’t worried about a big total, just “needed” to get my hands on the first (and only attempt) at this commemorative.  Having the 2013 and 2014 versions made me feel like I had a streak to keep alive.

Then it happened, by the grace of Dominique Frost…


So pretty, so fresh, so clean.  This game-pearl came straight from the ball bag – the first of any Opening Day ball to be in the hands of any spectator in the stadium.

But before we get into the game-time details, let’s reflect on a few of the Opening Day festivities/sights:


Royals taking BP.


Paul Molitor and Joe Mauer talking to KEVIN GARNETT AND TYUS JONES!

Ball #3:


Fast-forward to the top of the 5th, one out, Omar Infante at the plate with Trevor May pitching.  Omar fouls one off and it sky rockets, with very little backwards trajectory… this will be landing in the Champions Club!!  Not only that, but down an aisle that no one is in… except me!!

My Willie Mays impression failed (I got in my head and thought my surroundings were closer), but I still got it on the bounce.  My first foul ball, ever!


Awesome, another dream crossed off the list.

Ball #4:

The last one of the day was another toss-up, from the best bat boy in the Bigs.


This was a pitch in the dirt during warm-ups thrown by Tim Stauffer.  Shortly after this (during the bottom of the 7th) I got a call from my wife – she was locked out of the house and the puppy NEEDED to be let out (she’s new to the long work days in a kennel).  DANG IT!!

I had to leave before the game was over… when was the last time I had done that?  Probably the Harmon Killebrew bobblehead day last year (where I didn’t even have a glove).

So let’s close this entry out with a few more photos:


View from the right field pole.


Vargas at bat and Plouffe on deck.


Plouffe hits a dinger (his first of the year).


A posed pic of a special ball.

The haul:



Thank you:

  • Dominique (x2) – Still the best.  I’m not worthy.
  • Casey Fien – First regular season Manfred ball… THANK YOU!

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