Comeback at Target Field – Balls 405-410 (April 28, 2015)

Detroit Tigers 2 – Minnesota Twins 3

Target Field – Minneapolis, MN

April 13, 2015

Sure, the Twins performed a nice little comeback, but that’s not exactly what this blog is dedicated to, is it?  No, the comeback of highest importance is my return to baseball, after serving a 15 day DL stint – I had a severe case of Vinyl-itis (it got really bad during the week around Record Store Day).

Before getting into the ballhawking, let me give you a one question pop-quiz…

What time best describes when I got to Target Field?

  • A:  After gates opened/Late.  (Hey, traffic was bad!)
  • B:  Just before first pitch.  (7:02 for a 7:10 game isn’t a total loss, right?)
  • C:  Just as gates for the general public opened.  (Early STH entry has barely garnered me additional balls anyway.)
  • D:  Within seconds of gates opening for STH early BP.  (PERFECT timing.)
  • E:  Ridiculously early.  (Before the Twins took BP; I was lonely at the gate.)

***Answer at the end of this post.***

Ball #1:


An Oswaldo Arcia toss-up is not a bad way to get on the board.

Damn, I guess this eliminates answers A through C!

Ball #2:


Some right-handed Twin hit a home run that nearly went into the upper deck.  I played towards the front in the lower deck and had to scramble up the bleachers to get it.

Ball #3:


Casey Fien might end up winning the “nicest Twin (ballhawking)” award for 2015.

Ball #4:


Can anyone tell me who the random Tiger with his back towards me is?  Didn;t think so.  This ball was tossed by a faceless Tiger, possibly even a ghost.  Let’s call him Ty Cobb.  Yep, I got a toss-up from Mr. Nice himself, The Georgia Peach, Ty Cobb.

Ball #5:


Within minutes (possibly seconds) of one another, I was given a nice game ball from the “Bag O’ Game Balls” (TM) and the Batting Practice Lineup Card, from Dominique Frost and Joe Vavra respectively.  Those two guys are probably the nicest dudes in the MLB.


How’s that for a photo of the two?  I don’t want to speculate too much, but I believe that Security is on the field next to them because of concerns that one of the following may happen:

Women will either 1) throw their panties at them, a la any big name rock-star from the ’80s, or 2) rush the field like Morganna did long ago.  Either way, their appeal towards the masses causes crazy things, and security just needed to keep them protected (they both have a job to do, after all!).

Ball #6:


Warm-up ball from Trevor Plouffe.  Remember to #VotePlouffe!!!  The ball snagging for tonight was over, but the game was only beginning – plus, I got the following:


A Cucumber Mint Lemonade!  It was very concentrated (at least it tasted syrupy to me), but worth getting once in order to say I tried it.

When I purchased this different Lemonade I noticed some awkward signage.


Since when is a “Free Refill” considered “FREE” if you have to pay FIVE additional dollars?!  you have a lot to answer to, Chef Andrew Zimmern!  (Yes, HE is the one personally responsible for this outright lie.  Not the Twins, not Delaware North (who services the concessions), and certainly not any marketing folks in between.  This is on the Chef’s head and his alone.

Then I took a photo simply called “#Baseball”.


And then, before the comeback began, I took another photo.  This one is to remind you to what?



Now let’s close it out with a family photo…


…and the answer to the pop-quiz…

If you answered “D” you would be…  WRONG!

Of course it was “E”.


Thank you:

  • Joe Vavra
  • Dominique
  • Oswaldo Arcia
  • Trevor Plouffe
  • Casey Fien
  • Ty Cobb

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