Much Lucky, Very Hundred, Birthday Wow! – Balls 418-423 (May 15, 2015)

Tampa Bay Rays 2 – Minnesota Twins 3

Target Field – Minneapolis, MN

May 15, 2015

Lucky?  Sure, most people think that getting 6 balls at a game is “lucky,” but I have a different bit of luck to share.

Hundred?  If you follow the Twins, you probably know, if not, you’ll be told after the news of another Twins comeback.  Oops, sorry about that… *SPOILERS!*

Birthday?  Happy Birthday, Brian Dozier.  Sorry, but we couldn’t get you a better birthday present than what you gave yourself (and your team… and the fans).

Broken Record:  I got to the game early. (SHOCKER!)  The traffic was absolutely terrible – a 15 minute drive from work took nearly an hour; a huge thank you goes out to the traffic planning and construction committees.  The southwest metro area is certainly underpopulated and chooses not to travel north, especially on the weekend.  He said with heavy sarcasm.

But enough chit-chat, let’s count baseballs!

Ball #1:


A home run by a Twin in BP that took a weird bounce meant my first of the day.

EDIT: After much careful deliberation, reviewing of tapes, and hours of studious analysis, I have determined (with high confidence) that Kennys Vargas was the man who hit this ball.  Basically, it aligns with the BP lineup card I was given and where the HR was hit.

Ball #2:


Aaron Thompson toss-up.  I have long hair, Aaron has long hair, maybe we should have a “hair-off?”  (Side note: If you try to figure out which one is Aaron during warm-ups but cannot see his number, look for the only guy with his hair up in a tight ball.)

Ball #3:


I’m about 73% sure that this was tossed up by bull-pen catcher Scott Cursi.  It was a not-young/not-old, shorter, rounder, coach with a catcher’s mitt and a newly grown beard (maybe a week or two of growth) – sound like Scott?

Ball #4:


I had seen bench coach, Tom Foley, hit up a ball to someone in the 2nd level in centerfield, so I was hoping to catch a ball off of a Fungo for the first time, but instead it was just a standard toss-up.

After BP was over – Tampa hit only a couple dingers – I made it over to my usual spot.  I have mentioned for the past few entries that Joe Vavra is a wonderful man…


He is still wonderful.  This is my third game in a row with a BP lineup card.  I will still include you in the “end credits”, but Joe Vavra… THANK YOU.

Ball #5:


Ask Oswaldo Arcia in Spanish and you shall be rewarded?  Straight from the game ball bag.

During the first 5 innings I tried to snag a HR at my “Kennys Vargas spot”.  Result: No HR ball for me tonight.

Instead, I caught something unlikely and LUCKY!!  (There’s one of those key words.)


I got a can koozy and 4 lottery tickets.


And on two of those tickets I was a “winner”.  I was given $4 worth of tickets and can now cash them for $5 ($1 top ticket, $4 on the bottom ticket – $2 horseshoe + $1 DOUBLE gold brick).

So what did I blow all my winnings on?


A vegan burger.  While it isn’t the best representation of a good vegan meal, it is still incredibly great to see vegan options “in the wild”.

Ball #6:


A ball in the dirt during Jake Odorizzi’s warm-up in the middle of the 6th.  Tossed to me by Joe Mauer.

The Twins would draw blood this inning and complete another comeback.  Brian Dozier, the BIRTHDAY boy, had a HR early in the game and the game-winning RBI sac-fly.  (Word-of-the-day number two!)

Also of note, Minnesotan and two time All-Star, Glen Perkins came in to get the save, his HUNDREDTH of his career.  (There you go, all words are in play.)

The May 15th Family Photo:




  • Joe Vavra
  • Aaron Thompson
  • Tom Foley
  • Scott Cursi
  • Oswaldo Arcia
  • Joe Mauer
  • Dominique – Good luck with the new position in the near future!

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