The One Where I Barely Ballhawked – Balls 427-430 (June 6, 2015)

Milwaukee Brewers 4 – Minnesota Twins 2

Target Field – Minneapolis, MN

June 6, 2015

The title may be a bit misleading, but when you are used to going alone and being able to just do your thing, sitting in a section that has a near-zero-percent chance of baseballs is… WEIRD.

It was my wife’s birthday yesterday (Happy Birthday, Jael!) so she got a bunch of family to ride their bikes from our house to the stadium – 31 miles of trail/roads.  I did not ride, since I wanted to get there early and snag a ball or two AND some one needed to drive the car which held the bikes – in case of bad weather… or what ended up happening, just driving them home, regardless.


It was looking like no BP for the better part of me waiting at the gates, but then I was proven wrong.  We got in and I witnessed one of the lamest BP sessions in recent history.

Ball #1:


Jason Rogers toss-up to put me on the board.

Ball #2:


The Brewers’ Bat Boy.  I do not know his name.  Sorry.

Ball #3:


Gamer from the weirdo in the background… Dominique!  This was from the middle of the 6th.



Ball #4:


The last one was from Dominique… and caught by my wife!  Yay!  Thanks for the birthday gift, Dom!.

The Haul:



Thank you:

  • Dominique – #VoteDomBB
  • Jason Rogers
  • Torii Hunter – for signing a baseball card from my childhood.

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