Late Entry/Early Entry – Balls 461-468 (July 28, 2015)

Pittsburgh Pirates 8 – Minnesota Twins 7

Target Field – Minneapolis, MN

July 28, 2015


I am writing this a bit late, which has become a rather rare event – usually I blog within 24 hours.  But at least I do not have a backlog, as this is the last game I have gone to and will probably go to until the end of this month.  yep, i will have had an entire month between games.

Unfortunately this means my St. Louis trip was canceled, but the team and stadium aren’t going anywhere, right?  the road to all 30 team’s stadiums is a long one with many bumps in the way.

So, let me dust of the cobwebs in my brain and hopefully I can recall all the moments from this game – at least the ones centered around these EIGHT baseballs.

Ball #1:


Gracias, Miguel Sano!  Miguel has been SUPER generous since getting the call up to the Bigs.  This was the first of two he gave me this game.

Ball #2:


My first ever toss-up from Phil Hughes.  Excellent.

Ball #3:


A toss-up from an unknown Pirates player.  Some pitcher, no doubt, but the lack of identifying numbers or unique features (facial or otherwise) make this a player lost to time.  Let’s call him Roberto Clemente, though (see previous posts this year with unknown players to get the inside joke).  Thanks, Roberto, we wish we had more time with you; your legacy lives on though – especially since you were able to comeback to throw this one ball to me.

Ball #4:


I am pretty sure that this was a ball that was hit up seconds before that was never found, but the lack of visuals from those around me and the unknown nature of this ball make it officially an “Easter Egg”.  This ball was “found” in the 200 level – the grandstand in the right-center outfield.  Whoever hit it, however it got there, it was a bomb.

Ball #5:


Straight from the ball-bag, Eduardo Escobar hooks me up yet again.  Nice to get a mud-rubbed ball before the game officially starts.

Ball #6:


Dominique’s replacement, Bobby, hooked me up with this warm-up pitch in the dirt before the start of the 7th.  It was a pitch by Ryan O’Rourke to Eric Fryer (filling in for Kurt Suzuki as he was dressing).

Ball #7:


Another pitch in the dirt, this time a warm-up pitch before the start of the 9th by Glen Perkins, pitching to Eric Fryer who replaced Kurt Suzuki.  Again, Bobby was generous.

Ball #8:


After a nice Twins comeback, tying the game at 7-7, they lost when the Pirates scored a run in the 9th.  Miguel Sano was generous, though, as he headed towards the clubhouse.  Another mud-rubbed ball – four of the eight were this night.  Told you that Miguel was generous.

The Haul:



Thank you:

  • Miguel Sano
  • Phil Hughes
  • Roberto Clemente
  • The Easter Bunny
  • Eduardo Escobar
  • Bobby

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