Javier, Javier, Javier: Houston Commemorative Trifecta – Balls 469-474 (August 28, 2015)

Houston Astros 0 – Minnesota Twins 3

Target Field – Minneapolis, MN

August 28, 2015

Before I get into writing about the baseballs I obtained at this game, I wanted to share episode 1 of “At The Gates” Podcast!  This is a podcast I had brewing, but finally decided to make.  The premise is simple: show up early to the game, meet friends at the gates (new and/or old) and talk baseball.

Click here to get to the download page.

At the Gates Episode 1

The guests: Mateo, Paul, and Nate – Target Field’s finest group of ballhawks.

The podcast is currently under the “review” phase in  NOW AVAILABLE to download on iTunes and should be up in the near future.  For any additional info and behind-the-scenes peeks, check out Twitter, Instagram, and email.

The Game:

Hopefully you have downloaded the show to see what was talked about “at the gates”, so now I can talk about what happened inside the stadium.

Ball #1:

20150828 Ball 1

Within a few minutes of being inside the stadium, I was hooked up with ball #469 of my career from new Twins closer, Kevin Jepsen (at least until Glen Perkins is back to 100%).  After that I went over towards the Astros’ dugout, because now that my streak was no longer in jeopardy, the goal of getting a commemorative took priority over any sort of “big number.”

Ball #2:

20150828 Ball 2

I got Carlos Muñoz’s attention and tried to mouth/sign for a 50th commemorative, but do you know how hard that is to convey to someone who cannot hear you and at the other end of a dugout?  Still, cool to have at least 2 for the day.  Thanks, Carlos!

Ball #3:

Javier Sign

After getting Javier’s attention early on and being told “bullpen”, I finally made my way out to centerfield before first pitch and waited for the man to show up.  i had asked for one on Twitter and showed him the sign above that I had made for this game.  I think this won him over.

As soon as he got over to the bullpen, he went over to his bag, unzipped it and…

20150828 Ball 3

…went directly towards the ball he had specifically set aside for me.  How cool is that?!  This marked the 3rd time that he hooked me up with a commemorative baseball (the 2012 and 2013 Houston versions being the other two), with a eerily similar story happening for the 2013 ball.  Javier is the best in the Bigs.  Watch Zack Hample’s video of him playing catch with the fans and try to disagree.  These were Yankees fans, too!

Houston Commemoratives

There are all three of the most recent Houston commemoratives, all courtesy of Javier Bracamonte.  Gracias, Javier!

Ball #4:

20150828 Ball 4

Dominique hooked me up and then Paul, just before first pitch.  It’s always nice to have a mud-rubbed ball before anyone else in the stadium.

Ball #5:

20150828 Ball 5

In the top of the sixth, Evan Gattis faced off against Kyle Gibson.  This was the 2-1 pitch.  Again, Dom.

Ball #6:

20150828 Ball 6

The last of the night, this was in the top of the ninth, Luis Valbuena facing off against Kevin Jepsen.  This was the 1-2 pitch.  Dom scores the hat trick.

The Haul:

20150828 Hall

Notice the show notes for the podcast?  I wanted to have a script for my intro (since a lot of it was introducing the premise and future plans) and then have a list of topics to cover with the gang.

I cannot wait to be wearing that nice “H” hat again, but next time in Houston (tickets purchased for 9/19/2015).


Thank You:

  • JAVIER BRACAMONTE – first and foremost.  The dude loves his job and treats the fans with more respect that any other member of the staff I’ve seen on any team (minus Dominique, of course).
  • Dominique – check out his music, seriously, he makes his own music!
  • Kevin Jepsen – welcome to the club and to my list of dudes who have thrown me a baseball.
  • Carlos Muñoz – always want to call him Pedro, but this isn’t the 1991 Twins team.

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