Happy Thanksgiving!!! (2015 Version)

In the same tune as last year’s post, I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving/Thursday Maximus.  There are many people that have helped contribute to a great time at the ballpark, but the ones listed below were most instrumental to making 2015 another great year.

  1. Ballhawks of Target Field (both official and honorary) – The community at Target Field really solidified at the end of the year last year and now has the feel of a legitimate place to ballhawk (maybe not with great numbers, but at least with a community).  The cast this year included:
    • Nate Duppler
    • Dave Forstad
    • Mateo
    • Paul
    • Greg Barasch
    • Grant Edrington
  2. Josh Hyber – Thank you for the great write-up in the Star Tribune.  You showcased the great community of baseball nuts at Target Field, without falling into the stereotypical “stealing baseballs from little girls” talk that usually associates itself with this hobby.
  3. Houston – What a great time packed into such a condensed trip.  The stadium looked great, the ballhawking was perfect, and the people were friendly.  I will be back, you can count on it.
  4. Kansas City – Back again. It was nice to return after my one year hiatus.  You’re welcome for giving you the World Series touch (I’m sure that’s the reason why you “took the crown”.  It was a fun town in general, and a good way to spend a 4th of July weekend with some family.
  5. Florida – Lovely tradition.  It may end this year, but only because of another potentially HUGE road-trip (California tour?  LA and San Diego?  Maybe…).  It’s always nice to be able to catch baseball a month early… and maybe catch some 80 degree weather and beaches, too.
  6. The Minnesota Twins – I said last year that I saw bright spots, and this year you proved me correct.  Paul Molitor is a great coach, Torii Hunter’s final lap as a Twin was wonderful, and finally debuting “the future” (Sano/Buxton) all while winning more than losing made 2015 the best since 2010.
  7. Trevor Plouffe – No longer a fringe guy, Trevor is an everyday third baseman.  His fielding is above average, his hitting is powerful and clutch, and his leadership can now be described as “veteran”.  However, this success does not come without downfall – he has value and might be shopped.  No matter the uniform, you’re always a Twin and I’m always your fan.
  8. Dominique Frost – Amazing.  Simply amazing.
  9. Javier Bracamonte – For the second straight year (and 3rd in 4 years), Javier has tossed me a commemorative.  Not only that, but when I was in Houston he asked if my road trip went well.  He is the most down to Earth guy, the best ambassador to baseball that one could hope for on a team.  His actions after the Royals were eliminated finally caught some attention and showcased his positivity to the world of baseball (and sports in general).
  10. You, the reader – I know a decent amount of the regulars who visit my site, but there are countless others, people I do not even know by name; to you, THANK YOU!  Feel free to also subscribe to the podcast, follow me on social media (Twitter, Instagram, etc.), and/or say hello in the comments.


My 2015 in slideshow form:

Another “copy and paste from 2013/2014”… and bonus thanks:

Copied: Lastly, I want to thank my wife.  She didn’t “make the top ten” because she’s just too damn vital.  Thanks for all of the baseball stuff (by going, not going, listening to my stories, looking at my pictures, storing the baseballs in our home, sharing links via your Facebook, and not strangling me) and all the non-baseball stuff (every other single thing under the sun).  THANK YOU!  And yes, I know that you technically got a ball before I ever got one; you can hold that over me for all of eternity.

New: Thank you, my “littlest one”, for always being eager and happy to see me when I came home.  My puppy, Evelyn, would always pounce on me and want to share in the collection of leather-wrapped strings that I brought home.  A simple distraction of a treat would usually allow me to take a quick picture and secure the prizes/souvenirs, BUT no matter how much I wanted to love this hobby (and going to games), she reminded me what matters most, my little family waiting for me at home.


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