December 2: Top Ten Professional Sports Teams

Top Ten Professional Sports Teams:

December 02

This list incorporates childhood favorites, new favorites, and mainly teams that I have visited to watch a home game and got caught up in their atmosphere.

  1. Minnesota Twins

Winning two World Series trophies before you’re eight years old is spoiled.  Winning none after that is sad.  Every kid has a defiant phase, mine was rejecting the Twins (and cheering for #2 on this list after the 1991 season).  Since becoming a season ticket holder (partial, not full), I have once again made the Twins “my team”.  With help from Trevor Plouffe, my current favorite player, the Twins have cemented a place in my heart yet again.

  1. Chicago White Sox

Robin Ventura made this franchise my favorite after the 1991 Twins.  He was my favorite, and by proxy, the White Sox were my team.  He moved on and so did I for a while, but with Robin as coach, my love has once again been ignited.

  1. Colorado Avalanche

Seeing Patrick Roy as the coach now is odd, my two favorite all-time athletes now coach the clubs they once donned under player’s uniform.  I will never love the Wild like I do the Avalanche (thanks, North Stars) and I will never forget the great Avs/Red Wings rivalries or the heartbreak of the Wild ending Roy’s career.

  1. Montreal Canadiens

St. Patrick made this my first “favorite hockey team” before his horrible divorce with the club.  I easily followed him instead of the Canadiens and was able to watch this future hall of famer add to his Cups.  However, this historic franchise is still towards the top of my list.  Now if only I could visit them soon…

  1. Paris-St. Germain

The first (and to this point, only) experience at an international professional soccer stadium was to watch the home club PSG take on Sochaux.  I did not speak their language, but man did they do some great cheering (as you’d expect in a European league).

  1. New York Mets

No one to thank except Robin Ventura.  Had he not been a Met, I doubt they’d be this high (or even on the list).  But since this was his short-term home and one he made the World Series with, I have a special place in my heart for them.

  1. Colorado Rapids

My first MLS game.  I love the fact that they use the Avalanche’s colors and the stadium was very cool (smaller than expected, but nice and cosy).

  1. Minnesota Swarm

RIP Swarm.  You were a fun club to watch; if only I had gone to more than two games…

  1. Colorado Rockies

I always had fantasies about moving to Colorado and loved the Rockies when they joined the league as an expansion team.  Now that I’ve been there, I’d still be happy living in Denver.  Now if only they could seem to actually rebuild and make a long-term push for greatness.

  1. Houston Astros

The stadium was beautiful, their team blossoming, and the surrounding area seemed nice enough.  I wouldn’t mind id the Twins tried to replicate the Astros’ approach.  This team has the best middle infield in the MLB and that’s a great cornerstone for greatness.


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