December 7: Top Ten MLB Stadiums I Want to Visit

Top Ten MLB Stadiums I Want to Visit:

December 07

I’ve only been to 11 (and one of those is now defunct), leaving 20 left to see…

  1. AT&T Park

I’ve heard it fights for the nicest in the league.

  1. Safeco Field

A beautiful park for franchise of mediocrity (at best).

  1. PNC Park

Another “nicest in the league” candidate and now a contending team.

  1. Busch Stadium

A modern retro for a historic franchise… and yearly winner.

  1. Oriole Park at Camden Yards

The first “modern retro” that gave way to so many new fields in the MLB.

  1. Great American Ball Park

Nice enough to host an All-Star Game, but might be a while until they host a meaningful playoff game.

  1. Comerica Park

Seems like a nice enough modern field, but I want to visit it more because my great-grandpa was nearly a Tiger.

  1. Globe Life Park in Arlington

I’ve seen it from the outside when I was in junior high, if only I could have stopped in and checked it out.

  1. Dodger Stadium

As classic as you can find on the West Coast.

  1. Petco Park

I’ve heard great things from the handful of people who have actually been there to see a game.


5 thoughts on “December 7: Top Ten MLB Stadiums I Want to Visit

    • But the tours and the history behind Fenway and Wrigley…
      I think OPACY will make the new top ten, though. Yankee Stadium will always be at the bottom (with the Metrodome).

  1. I’ve been to games at Target Field, Coors Field, Angel Stadium, and Fenway Park, and I’ve been to (parked and walked around/toured) Wrigley Field, AT&T Park, Petco Park, Marlins Park, Nationals Park, and OPACY.

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