December 8: Top Ten TV Shows of All-Time

Top Ten TV Shows of All-Time:

December 08

I like to laugh…

  1. Arrested Development

The amount of times you can re-watch this show and still get new jokes (call-backs, call-forwards, pop culture references, etc.) is truly amazing.

  1. Doctor Who

I’ve been to a Doctor Who convention over the Thanksgiving weekend.  Enough said.

  1. Coupling

Imagine Friends, but unfiltered and more real… and British.  Add the fact that it was helmed by a man in love with Doctor Who?  You get stories told in non-typical ways.

  1. Futurama

I named my first puppy’s middle name after a character from this show (Nibbler).  The perfect blend of sci-fi and humor.

  1. Seinfeld

Classic.  Only the clothes are dated, the jokes will be relevant until the end of humanity.

  1. The Office (BBC)

Ricky Gervais does television right; he leaves you wanting more, but delivers a short burst of perfection.

  1. Man Stroke Woman

A sketch show with recurring characters that is so outlandish you will not understand what just happened until 3 episodes in… but then you’ll quote it and find yourself laughing.

  1. Community

All that remains of the prophecy is “and a Movie”.  The six seasons are in the books and the cast, in hind-sight, is one of the best in current television – which is probably why we will not get any more episodes on the small screen.

  1. The IT Crowd

If you are even remotely “techy” then you will find yourself laughing hysterically.  I dare you to watch “The Work Outing” and not think it is one of the best episodes in TV history.

  1. QI

Not one for school?  Too dry for your taste?  Think learning can’t be fun?  Well, too bad for you, QI combines learning with professional comedians in the UK.  Quite Interesting.


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