December 14: Top Ten MLBlogs

Top Ten MLBlogs:

December 14

These are the best blogs that I subscribe to, AND SO SHOULD YOU!…

  1. Plouffe’s New Hairdo

Good author.  Great ballhawk.  Even better human being.

  1. The Baseball Collector

The godfather of ballhawking.  Has anyone caught more?

  1. Observing Baseball

He can call himself a Minnesotan now, but I’ll just call him friend (or Mateo).

  1. A Piece of the Game

I share season tickets with this dude, so you know he’s cool.

  1. The Curveblog

We will meet someday int he near future, Larry.  Until then, keep on Chicago-ing it up.

  1. Everything Twins Ballhawk

We first met in Florida, but now we meet at Target Field.

  1. The Astros Ballhawk

We came so close to meeting last year, but I have faith that we’ll cross paths soon.  Angel puts up great numbers (ballhawking) and a great blog.

  1. 7000 Coliseum Way

Though his last post states he’s “back” I regretfully must inform you that he has become dormant again.  Come on, Nick!

  1. Snagging Baseballs

Cole was the Junior Ballhawk of the Year this year.  Now let’s keep some pressure on him to keep up the blog.  (He’s good.)

  1. Blogs

Want to know what is going on in the baseball blog-o-sphere?  Check this page out.  Heck, they’ve even been so kind as to link to my content!

That’s it.  That is everything I can think of.  I cannot possibly think of one more blog I’d even CARE to read.  I have given you all of the baseball blogs I follow, good thing there are exactly ten.  I am about 1000% positive I am not leaving anyone/any blog out.

Hope you enjoyed this.

Another post tomorrow.

Have any other blogs I should follow?

A comment below can help me identify more blogs.

No way I missed one.

Audacious to think this isn’t perfect.

Totally accurate top ten, right here.

Everything’s good.

Didn’t I get everything?

Unknown to me, if I didn’t.

Please let this be everything.

Please don’t let me forget one.

Looks good upon second review.

Everyone will be happy.



7 thoughts on “December 14: Top Ten MLBlogs

    • Thanks, Larry. I tried to cover all the ballhawks I know. There are a couple others (like Sporcic and those guys) but they haven’t posted in a year or more. Plus, I tried to give all the Target Field love I could think of. Outside of Waldo, who does not blog, I think I included all of them, too. Makes me just want more people to blog, I guess.

  1. I think this was a great entry!

    Have to say, you should go back to your old blog format.
    Almost didn’t notice you changed it!
    Tony, you even changed your blog bio too?
    Even I haven’t changed mine!

    You gonna hold me a spot in line at TwinsFest?
    Or not?
    Unhappy is what I’ll be if you don’t! 😉

    Just in case, I show up late and the line is long, hold me a spot please!
    Every day I count down the days until TwinsFest!
    Really excited to get some autographs!
    Kind of wish that Rod Carew would be there.

    • Now there is a fake Larry Larson?! First “Not Tony Voda” and now “Fake Larry Larson”… Smells like the work of, shoot, ummm, what’s his name? He gets autographs, but I don’t think he blogs or ballhawks. Nick Dunbar? Nat Kippler? Ah, it doesn’t matter. We all know who it is.

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