December 15: Top Ten Movies

Top Ten Movies:

December 15 Part 1

  1. Anchorman

I will never forget seeing this int he theater with my roommate from college and my eventual wife.  This movie is Will Ferrell at the top of his game (you’ll see him make numerous more entries).

  1. Zoolander

Thanks to my cousin in New York (he was the driver and supported my love of comedies), I bought this at a movie rental place.  We watched this and died of laughter.

  1. Christmas Vacation

This movie might be the most played in my collection.  I probably end up watching it about three times during the holidays and maybe another time or two during the rest of the year.

  1. Elf

Three appearances by Will Ferrell in the top four spots, not bad.  I never thought a PG movie could be so funny.

  1. Wayne’s World

This movie is “Excellent!”  Probably the best movie to begin as an SNL skit, and the movie even eclipses the laughter of the SNL skits themselves.

  1. Top Secret!

I am so glad that my parents stopped on channel 9 back in high school/early college.  This movie was airing on a Sunday afternoon (usually reserved for terrible movies) and I was drawn in by its slap-stick humor and puns.  It was like the writers of Airplane made a spy movie… oh wait.

  1. Happy Gilmore

I owned this on tape and it was the first movie I memorized from start to finish.  I could still probably recite 90%+ of the lines and I haven’t watched it more than once in a couple of years (thanks to some rather poor choices made in Adam Sandler’s career).  Maybe I’ll give this a watch again soon…

  1. Kingpin

Randy Quaid AND Woody Harrelson?  Sold.  So many great one-liners, plus I fell in love with “Showdown” by ELO because of this movie.  My dream is to bowl an entire game with only this song playing… and I get to use a ball with a rose in the middle of it (of course I’d have a bad comb-over).

  1. Monty Python and the Holy Grail

If you are a kid of the late 80s and early 90s, your parents probably subjected you to this movie in your early teens.  My parents wanted to see the look on my face at the film’s ending.  I gave them what they wanted, but they gave me an unknown appreciation of British comedy that has blossomed in the past decade.

  1. Dumb and Dumber

Pretty much sums up the exact type of movies I like.  Who has a list of favorite movies with any comedies involved and DOESN’T have this listed?

But if that weren’t enough, here’s 11 more that I love…

December 15 Part 2

11.  Half-Baked

12.  Beerfest

13.  So I Married An Axe Murderer

14.  Tommy Boy

15.  Office Space

16.  Slap Shot

17.  Life of Brian

18.  Baseketball

19.  Drop Dead Gorgeous

20.  Best In Show

21.  Kung Pow: Enter the Fist

…Crap!  I forgot about Step-Brothers, Talladega Nights, Semi-Pro…  Render this list useful and useless at the same time.  The moral of the story?  Tony likes comedy.


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