December 16: Top Ten Comedians

Top Ten Comedians:

December 16

  1. Mitch Hedberg

King of the one-liner and non-sequitur.  I am saddened everytime I think of the fact that I will never get to see him perform.

  1. Demetri Martin

Smart, witty, one-liners and uses visual art to tell jokes.  His story-telling is also pretty solid.

  1. David Cross

Not only is he a hilarious actor in Arrested Development, but his stand-up is brilliant.  Blending social and political commentary with long, personal stories, David brings it all.

  1. Michael Ian Black

At times absurd, his stories all lead to something, even if they seem crude or silly.  Read his book “You’re Not Doing It Right”, it is insanely funny with moments of utter honesty that leave you emotional.

  1. Mike Birbiglia

All Brigleby has to do is tell stories about his life and he is pretty much golden.  Between the stories of sleepwalking, celebrity golf tournaments, and cancer scare, Mike’s life has produced great material.

  1. Jim Jefferies

Australian for funny.  His rant about gun control alone would make him a candidate for top ten, but he has a wealth of other stories and jokes.  His show “Legit” was a great outlet to make television loosely based around some of the same topics in his routine.

  1. Jim Gaffigan

We all know the love affair that Jim has with food and all of the food jokes he has because of his first marriage with food (Hot Pockets!).  Jim can also tell some great jokes about family that are accessible to nearly everyone.

  1. John Mulaney

I only recently was turned on to John’s comedy (this summer, actually), but man is it good.  He is the closest person on this list to my age, and a fair representation of what to expect in comedy from my “generation”.

  1. Brian Posehn

Fart and boner jokes are always going to be funny, but not exactly top ten worthy.  Brian mastered those, but his love of metal and the nerd culture makes his routine especially funny.

  1. Jim Breuer

The voices are above-average, the impressions accurate, but the thing that makes Jim good are his ability to tell a story and mature without going soft.  His material has changed greatly, most of it revolves around family, but it doesn’t mean he’s a “clean comic” – with all those weird connotations that may come with that territory.


4 thoughts on “December 16: Top Ten Comedians

  1. No Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Eddie Murphy, Robin Williams, Steve Martin or Louis CK!? This is crazy! 🙂

    P.S. it’s ok…I can tell you are an indie kid so you don’t like the more “raw shit.”

    • Haha! I love it. I stuck with modern, because that’s what hits me hardest (and ones I can still see perform, for the most part).
      The one on your list that I’ve never dove into is Louis CK (?!?!), but that’s more based on hype than anything else (worried he won’t live up to the expectations).
      I would have included Marc Maron in there, but I’m more fascinated by him as a person and his TV show than his stand-up.
      Do we share any overlap on the rest of your potential top ten?

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