December 17: Top Ten Weezer Albums

Top Ten Weezer Albums:

December 17

  1. Weezer (1994) – aka: The Blue Album

Narrowly beating out the number two spot (by .1 on a 10 point scale), this album is a classic.

  1. Pinkerton (1996)

Though a better “album” (cohesion/theme-wise), Pinkerton is the sophomore slump turned modern classic.

  1. Weezer (2001) – aka: The Green Album

The comeback album.  Gone for 5 years, Rivers returns with great pop-hooks, but only 28 minutes of them.

  1. Maladroit (2002)

Those not familiar with Rivers’ background might think this touch of “metal” tones in the guitars is new, but that’s not the case.  Rivers can shred and was shredding in LA before creating Weezer.

  1. Weezer (2008) – aka: The Red Album

Some of Weezer’s most experimental stuff.  Songs like “Greatest Man”, “Miss Sweeney”, and “The Angel and the One” are some of their best modern output.  However, there are a few songs (“Heart Songs” and “Thought I Knew”) that just derail the whole experimentation vibe.

  1. Make Believe (2005)

Though not as experimental as the Red Album which was to follow, some of the same arguments can be made.  There are a few songs that are great/good and a few others that are just awful.  If a theme was picked and focused on (around those strong songs) then you might have something great.  Oh, the production also sucks.  Thanks, Rick Rubin!

  1. Everything Will Be Alright In The End (2014)

With how bad the previous 3 albums were (see below), this “return to form” album often gets a bit more love than it should.  The sound is great in nearly every song, but the lyrics (or lack or depth, really) are what kill some of these good vibes.  Still, “The Futurescope Trilogy” is amazing.  Maybe we need something like this as a full LP?  (Think Coheed-ish or a modern take on their lost classic, “Songs From the Black Hole”.)

  1. Hurley (2010)

With a couple lone bright spots and the rest equating to phoned in jibberish, this would probably be a low spot for most bands…

  1. Death to False Metal (2010)

…but then they release this album less than two months later.  Good thing it is more of a collection of “lost songs” that didn’t make previous albums.  They are mostly harmless, but it is sad when there is a Weezer release with no lasting catchy songs.  Quick, name a song that you like from this album and you consider a classic of their’s…  You can’t.

But, no matter how low this album was, there is always the lowest mark in their career – one from only one year prior…

  1. Raditude (2009)

The name should have given it away.  But if you should know one thing about a Weezer fan it is this:

We always look forward to the next album, because like a deranged Cubs fan says “Next Year!”, Weezer fans say “this next album will be their third classic.

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