December 18: Top Ten Most Likely Active Hall of Famers

Top Ten Most Likely Active Hall of Famers:

December 18

  1. Ichiro Suzuki

The only question is “what exact date does he get hit #3000?”  Then the formality of enshrinement will then be dictated on when he finally decides to hang up the cleats, which if he had his way he’d play into his 50s.

  1. Albert Pujols

The Machine has sputtered a little bit lately, but there is no denying his power and hit total.  If his HR totals weren’t impressive enough, his likelihood of reaching 3000 hits nearly assures him of becoming immortalized in bronze.

  1. Miguel Cabrera

Like a replica of Pujols but a couple years younger.  Miggy looks like he is destined for the 3000 hit club and some power numbers that would make those already in bronze blush.

  1. Adrian Beltre

Sure, he’s fun to watch and mess around with (right, Miggy?), but Adrian is slowly approaching 3000, too.  His production has been pretty consistent and is an all around great player.

  1. Mike Trout

Still a long time to rack up accolades, Mr. Trout (haha, Mister, he’s younger than me) is on a pace similar to many Cooperstown greats.

  1. Robinson Cano

Still relatively young and only needs about 1000 hits to join the 3000 club, Robinson looked like a future Yankee-lifer who’d get to travel to upstate NY.  Now he’ll have to settle for Yankee great, and highly-paid Mariner.

  1. Clayton Kershaw

There should be more pitchers on the list, but due to the fact that milestones and numbers have changed so drastically no one quite knows what it will take to reach Cooperstown as a hurler.  300 wins is a thing of the past, high strikeout totals only tell part of the story, and ERA is even becoming obsolete to measure a pitcher’s greatness.  Kershaw, though, has the stuff… and he’s YOUNG.

  1. David Ortiz

Numbers once believed to be “automatic bid” will be under scrutiny because of a leaked drug test before MLB adopted any type of stance on steroids/PEDs.  I personally think that the with-hunt and subsequent white-washing of history to fit the “holiness of Cooperstown” is BS, but I don;t have a vote.  Sorry, Big Papi, but you may only reach purgatory.  (But that’s good news for us Twins fans, right?)

  1. Yadier Molina

If he can finish as a catcher (or a similar path compared to Ivan Rodriguez) then he’s in.  The defense is sparkling (multiple Platinum Gloves) and his hitting is above average in the MLB, and not just among catchers.

  1. Giancarlo Stanton

The most unknown and high potential to be boom or bust on the list.  Giancarlo has had a few injuries already in a young career, but his power is unrivaled.  He is to long home runs as Aroldis Chapman is to throwing 100+.  If he goes a full career and can put up the kind of HR numbers that he’s demonstrated is possible?  You guessed it, bronze cap in NY.


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