December 22: Top Ten Vegan Places in the Twin Cities

Top Ten Vegan Places in the Twin Cities:

December 22

***No Animals Were Harmed In This Blog Post.***

  1. Jasmine Deli

Vietnamese food – I recommend the Curry Mock Duck Bahn Mi.

  1. Seward Cafe

Numerous plates, the Wizard Burger is pretty darn good.

  1. Galactic Pizza

Get the Paul Bunyan.  Wild rice on a pizza should be more common.

  1. Glam Doll Donuts

Mmmmm, DONUTS!

  1. Triple Rock Social Club

Maybe take in a rock show and get some pub grub… all while being kind to the critters.

  1. Hola Arepa

Only a couple things are vegan on the menu, but man are they good (though a bit heavy).  Venezuelan arepas are delicious.

  1. Pizza Luce

The local franchise that is a great fallback option for a vegan ‘za.

  1. The Wedge

Sure, it’s a grocery store, but the deli and bakery have great options if you want to pick up some lunch on the go (or bring it to the gates at Target Field?).

  1. Cupcake

I had their regular cupcakes a few years back, but haven’t had their vegan options yet.  This is on my list, and has the potential to move up the list (not many great dessert/sweet options on the list).

  1. The Wienery

Another place I haven’t gone to yet, but I LOVE the idea of vegan hot dogs being on the menu at a hot dog place.  Thanks for thinking of us, Wienery!


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