December 27: Top Ten Commemorative Baseballs Snagged

Top Ten Commemorative Baseballs Snagged:

December 27

Looking purely at the design (and trying to eliminate the stories of how they were obtained), here are my favorite commemorative baseballs…

  1. Pink Mothers’ Day (Bud Selig version) (2013)


  1. All-Star Game (2014)


  1. Home Run Derby Flexball (2014)


  1. Wrigley Field 100th (2014)


  1. Target Field Inaugural (2010)


  1. Colorado Rockies’ 20th (2013)


  1. Houston Astros’ Inaugural AL (2013)


  1. Fenway Park 100th (2012)


  1. Houston Astros’ 50th (2015)


  1. Opening Day (2015)


Will 2016 have one that renders this list obsolete?


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