December 28: Top Ten Baseballs Snagged

Top Ten Baseballs Snagged:

December 28

Every ball has a story and some stories become favorites…

  1. Kennys Vargas First Career HR (2014)

Though the exact ball no longer resides with me (Kennys’ mom has it, according to his interviews), the thrill of my first HR catch coupled with his first HR in the MLB makes this #1.  I have a replacement ball that acts as a good reminder/substitute (along with his bat and line-up cards).

  1. First ever ball (2009)

Go back and read the story; it was cool to share it with my wife.

  1. Mile High commemorative (2011)

I probably should not have been so lucky, but thankfully I was.  This was the only commemorative I snagged (and the major reason I even planned this trip), and I got it before the game from the ball bag from a coach’s son.

  1. All-Star Game ball (2014)

A beautiful ball from my first all-star experience in my home stadium.

  1. Home Run Derby Flexball (2014)

I was bummed that this was the first year in a string of a few years that the “money ball” wasn’t gold, but then I watched the 2015 HR Derby.  Glad to have potentially the last colored “money ball” in ASG history.

  1. Wrigley Field 100th – first (2014)

The way I came across my first Wrigley Field ball was magical.  An impromptu road trip, a free tour (because of this blog), and being lucky (again) all culminated in achieving my goal of getting a Wrigley ball.

  1. Ball #241 (2014)

So far the balls have either been gamers or commemoratives (I love logos), but this BP ball was memorable.  I made a spectacular diving catch on an Orioles BP homer and ever got some applause and kudos from Orioles players.

  1. Robin Ventura ball (2012)

I met my baseball idol.  Robin Ventura gave me a baseball AND signed it for me.  I think I could make my younger self explode if I went back in time and told him that.

  1. Trevor Plouffe Mothers’ Day ball (2014)

Trevor took a pink ball from the ball bag and signed it for me (and in turn for my grandma, who had recently survived breast cancer and treatment).  This one was special to share with my grandma.  (Look back on the blog for our picture together with the ball.)

  1. Dustin Ackley HR (2015)

My 53rd career ball was a toss-up of a gamer.  Oh, I should also note that it wasn’t just a 3rd out toss-up or pitch in the dirt… It was a Dustin Ackley 3-run HR!

2 thoughts on “December 28: Top Ten Baseballs Snagged

    • I was hoping to add a milestone ball in there, but the stories behind them aren’t all that great. Here’s hoping that #1000 is a game winning HR on the fly hit by Trevor Plouffe.

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