December 29: Top Ten Places I’ve Visited/Vacationed

Top Ten Places I’ve Visited/Vacationed:

December 29

  1. North France

Explored Paris (of course), St. Malo, Mont St. Michel, and Bayeux.  Also asked my wife to marry me there (beaches of St. Malo).

  1. Mexico – Playa Del Carmen

The honeymoon the following year.  My anxiety sure was getting a run for its money, but the flights were safe, so I cannot complain.

  1. Colorado – Denver-area

We took a road trip out to Denver so I could see real mountains for the first time in my life.  Now that my brother-in-law is out there, I have reason to go back and visit more.

  1. Florida

It’s been about 4 years in a row of ROAD TRIPPING to Florida (both coasts).  I think the baseball and beaches are what keeps this ranking highly.  Fun to visit, but seems terrible to live there.

  1. New England – New York City to Boston

The majority of the time was spent in New York (or surviving one night in a shitty Jersey hotel across from NYC), with a quick one night stay in Boston (for a baseball game, of course).  We took the train from NYC to Boston and the tiny towns in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts looked awesome, too.

  1. Texas

My grandparents used to live 3 hours west (and a little south) of Dallas/Fort Worth.  We visited them in junior high and it was great.  I recently road tripped through Dallas to Houston.  I like Texas, but another one I’d feel more comfortable just visiting.

  1. New York – Buffalo-area

An aunt and uncle along with my cousin call the Buffalo area home.  We road tripped out there with my family a couple times growing up and got to see Niagara Falls among other things.  Wouldn’t mind doing this soon with my wife and adding Toronto to places to check out while out there.

  1. Chicago

Being the closest major city to the Twin Cities, it’s almost a rite of passage to make the trip.  Now having been there multiple times, I love to make excuses to go back.

  1. South Dakota – Black Hills/Mount Rushmore

Though i was born in South Dakota, I have no recollection of ever not being a “tourist” (I was 6 months old when we moved to the great state of MN).  One summer my parents took me out to the Black Hills and we sight saw and spent a long weekend in a cabin in Spearfish Canyon.  That place was awesome (a tiny stream you could tube down in the backyard).

  1. Arkansas – Hot Springs-area

Another place my grandparents used to live (same ones from TX).  We visited them a few times down there and experienced life in the hills.


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