December 30: Top Ten Places I Want to Visit/Vacation

Top Ten Places I Want to Visit/Vacation:

December 30

  1. London (and the greater UK)

I can be a total tool and pretend I’m the Doctor.  Plus, there is so much history without needing to speak a different language.

  1. Montreal, Quebec, Canada

European flare in North America, plus I want to see the Canadiens play a game.

  1. French Mediterranean

It looks amazing.  Beaches on beaches.

  1. Hungary/Slovakia Border

This is where my ancestor who had the Voda last name came from.  I still have some family over there.

  1. Oymyakon, Russia

This is a very specific location that I want to visit (but I also want to see much more of Russia, too).  Oymyakon has recorded the coldest temperatures outside of Antarctica.  It’s extreme and sounds crazy.

  1. Antarctica

Who else can say they’ve visited Antarctica and have a shot to see all seven continents?

  1. Tokyo, Japan

I’d love to see such a different culture and watch them play baseball.  It’d be radical.

  1. Germany

I have nowhere specific in mind, but I know I want to go.  Of course I have ancestors from that area (I’m a white dude from the Midwest), but there is something else tugging at me that I cannot quite identify.  I’d also love to see the history surrounding WWII – it seems important to fully take in the magnitude of what horrific events took place.

  1. Iceland

Ever since I saw it was a layover on many European flights, I have wondered what it is like.

  1. Mauritius

All because some unknown person from this nation visited my website.  I looked it up and was pleasantly surprised by both the location and just how beautiful it is.


2 thoughts on “December 30: Top Ten Places I Want to Visit/Vacation

  1. I went to Montreal this fall. Although it was cool with it being French and European and all, it was really confusing with no phone access, all the road signs and street names being in French, the use of military time on parking meters that only accept Canadian Dollars, and a ton of traffic… I wouldn’t recommend it.

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