My Puppy Is Becoming a Dog…

Similar to a real father, I have become a little nostalgic and even a little sad knowing and seeing my littlest one grow up.  Evelyn Nibbler has become a full-grown, 60 pound, lap dog.  I am so happy that she snuggles with me still and that she is super friendly to everyone, but what happened to her time as a puppy?!  Time travels too fast; hopefully her and I can slow it down a little and enjoy the days to come just a little bit more.

Here’s to the last remaining days of being a one-year-old, Evie.  I cannot wait to celebrate your birthday on August 12th and hope you live a good life well into your teens.


I love you, Evie.  Thanks for making me smile and helping me through the rough times while also creating a bunch of good times.


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