I’ll keep this brief and try not to wander too much.

Last week I went out to Michigan – specifically the Charlotte/Bellevue area.  The occasion was not exactly for the reasons you choose to go to Michigan for a vacation, but nonetheless it was as good as could be expected.  We brought my grandpa home.  I lost my first grandparent back in June, which was so incredibly tough, but we finally had the chance to celebrate his life and his family as a unified group.

The trip was especially good for me since I had to tackle a couple of my anxiety-inducing fears – flying and death.  Dealing with the finality of bringing a loved one to their resting place will challenge anyone with their thoughts on mortality.  But not everyone has the flying phobia that I do.  I am happy to report that I passed the test.  From MSP to MDW to GRR (and back) I was able to curb my anxiety by facing it head on.  Sure, there were times where it felt like I couldn’t face any more, but rather than give in to those feelings, my practice with mindfulness and confronting those thoughts enabled me to handle the situation much better than times before.  Plus, it was helpful to just have supportive people around me.  Thanks, family and friends!

And of course it wouldn’t be a trip to Michigan without the obligatory Demetri Martin “MICHIGAN!” reference.  My dad and I have been known to really beat that joke to death.

Thanks, dear readers.  And as for the baseball stuff?  Do not fret, I have a MASSIVE idea brewing.  My adventures will be chronicled in detail.  There may even be a “short film” in the works.


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