Dream Guests for At The Gates Podcast…

Sorry folks, this list does not include fans, people I personally know, or anything like that.  I decided to make a list of the dream guests for the show – the celebrities so far above my reach that it is almost certain that this list will never have ANY of the names crossed off.  But let’s face it, as much fun as an interview with any one of these people would be, I’d still prefer to do shows with those that I know and those that share the same fanaticism for the sport (and hobby) that I love.

Before I pull out the big guns, the massive celebs, the “I know that name… there’s NO way you’re getting them on your show!” type, let’s focus on a few brands/companies I’d like to talk to:

  • The Hit Syndicate – I think this one is getting closer and closer. Should the opportunity arise to do a show in the Midwest (Twins, Brewers, Cubs/Sox), I think we could make this work.  Former Twin and Brewer All-Star, Larry Hisle and his son Larry Hisle, Jr. run this bat manufacturing company and also produce some really cool bat grips.  Check them out!
    • Topics to cover – MLB experience, bat manufacturing business, and love of the game from a point of view most of us do not have (growing up in and playing at a high level).
  • Wax Pack Book – I’ll admit it, I’m completely jealous of Brad’s idea.  He decided to write a book where he told the story about opening a pack of 1986 Topps baseball cards and making it his mission to meet every player in the pack… nearly 30 years after the cards were printed.  Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, the guy has a Ph.D. (entomology… that’s bugs for the non-nerds).
    • Topics to cover – The book (obviously), cool science-y topics, a love for road trips, and what stale, 30-year-old gum tastes like (maybe even have a different edible dare).
  • Lumberlend Co. – AJ, Will, Jeff, and the rest of the company seem to be a cool organization of baseball-lovers.  Their business makes mugs out of bats!  How cool is that?  Click the link to take a look at them… How perfect would one of these be At The Gates?
    • Topics to cover – The mugs (duh!), testing of said mug(s) along with some local sodas, how to start a business from a dream, and BASEBALL!
  • The Needle Drop – Anthony Fantano, the internet’s busiest music nerd, could be my vegan brother.  His love of music and thicc vegan smoothies would be a welcome change of pace for an episode.  If you want to start diving into a world of new music, memes, and maybe pick up a vegan tidbit or two, check out his YouTube channels.
    • Topics to cover – Music?  Vegan food?  Music, again.  Eat some vegan food.  Then discuss the importance and impact of music in sports.  Top it off with a vegan shake/smoothie?  Who knows…
  • Pardon My Take – Yep.  The rivals, the big guns, my nemesis.  Might as well bring them on to see if the hatchet can be placed nicely in a grave in some neutral site, or if an impromptu airstrike is ordered while on air.  Honestly, these guys are doing a podcast in a tone that I wish I could pull off.  I wanted to have a similar style before I even knew they existed; now how do I pull it off without being called a copycat?!
    • Topics to cover – Humility, Mount Rushmore, forming a band, Foul Ball Guy, the troops… I think that sums it up.  (No, I won’t mention Harambe or Larry.  That would both be in poor taste AND trying too hard to “Be Like Mike”… if Mike were Pardon My Take.)




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The list of celebrity dream guests that Tony (me, I, myself, the writer, the show-runner, the host, the “man of the hour”, “that guy”, etc.) would like to interview begins… NOW:

  • Javier Bracamonte – Bullpen catcher for the Houston Astros, and quite possibly the nicest, most fan-friendly person in the MLB right now.
    • Topics to cover – Why he gives back so much to fans, what the position is like, and his backstory on how he got to where he is.
  • Mayim Bialik – If you are older, then you know her from Blossom, if you are younger, you know her from Big Bang Theory.  Mayim is a vegan and real-life scientist, both are things that interest me to a very high degree.
    • Topics to cover – The reasons to vegan, her background in science, and what it is like to be an atypical Hollywood star.
  • Gillian Jacobs – Admittedly, I am a Community fan.  But Gillian’s awesome acting abilities do not stop there.  Her most recent series on Netflix called Love is also amazing, though such a different character.  Gillian seems to be level-headed and somehow marches to her own drum in Hollywood.
    • Topics to cover – Community (sorry not sorry) and Love, teetotalism (of which, I also apply to my life), and maybe spill moments where we’ve Britta’d things in our lives.
  • Fred Willard – He’s been in everything.  From Best in Show to Undeclared to Modern Family to Anchorman… that’s a small sampling of how he’s been in my favorite movies and TV shows.  Fred has also shared his love for Dodgers baseball, especially Vin Scully on Twitter.  His unique take (being the oldest on this list) would be AWESOME.
    • Topics to cover – Dodgers/Vin Scully, old baseball memories, how to be lovable and hilarious with what looks like ease, and maybe a sampling of how he’d announce baseball (Vin Scully crossed with Buck Laughlin?).
  • Kate Nash – Go look up her music.  Every album she’s released just gets better and better – which is amazing since I admit to loving the one that came before.  She has done so much for empowering women in music (and in general) by having her own “Girl Gang”.  Growing up in England and being a recent Angeleno (Los Angeles), her view on baseball might be interesting to say the least.
    • Topics to cover – MUSIC!, the girl gang, life in the UK vs. USA, and probably me making an ass out of myself for admitting to dressing up like Bigfoot the day before Halloween for her show in Minneapolis a couple years ago.
  • Patrick Stickles – Do yourself another favor (the list is getting long, huh?) and go listen to Titus Andronicus.  Patrick has tackled mental health issues in his music so perfectly over the years and I love him for that.  The DIY attitude often tied to punk music has been brought back out of retirement within the music industry and Titus, as a band, seem to be running with it.
    • Topics to cover – Shea Stadium (both old Mets stadium and new music venue), music, our love of Craig Finn, and mental health.
  • Marc Maron – If you are doing a podcast and interviewing people, why not try to interview the master himself?  Marc’s openness with mental health issues, substance abuse, and reverence for pure comedy make him a unique and special part of the podcast world.
    • Topics to cover – Comedy (thanks, Captain Obvious!), vinyl records and music in general, his experience in podcasting, and maybe see if there is any baseball in that skull of his.
  • Amanda Palmer – Her music is amazing.  She, as a person, is amazing – not perfect, but so transparent that you cannot help but commend her for her choices.  I would love to have her on the show just as an excuse to meet her and have a couple minutes in her presence.
    • Topics to cover – Her musical journey, what it is like to be an author now, motherhood, and see if she can accurately/uniquely romanticise baseball for me.
  • Daniel Norris – Yep, THAT Daniel Norris, the one who pitches on a semi-rivaling team of the Twins.  The Detroit Tigers’ pitcher is open about his unique journey and his philosophy on life.  As a person who wants to have a tiny house myself, I’d love to pick the brain of Mr. Norris.
    • Topics to cover – I guess we could talk baseball, mainly tiny houses and road trips, subscribing to the hipster culture (or at least being identified with it), and see if he can share any musical insights.
  • Craig Finn – He is so close to being number one on my list, but the person below him beats him out for obvious reasons.  Craig has scored a hat trick of success in my book – I love Lifter Puller, The Hold Steady, and now his solo records.  His story telling is amazing and he has not been shy about his love of the Minnesota Twins.
    • Topics to cover – Twins, Twins, Twins, Kirby Puckett, Kent Hrbek, Twins, some music, vinyl records, Minnesota in general, and maybe embarrassingly share my cover of Plymouth Rock by Lifter Puller that I did at Third Man Records (in the “make your own record” booth).
  • Trevor Plouffe – The namesake.  The very reason this blog exists – or at least why it is named the way it is and birthed the time it was.  He plays ball, loves music, donates hair, stands up against cancer, loves his family, loyal to his fans, and an overall decent human being.  This might have to wait until his playing days are over, but fingers crossed.  And hey, if he wants to bring his mom on, she’s more than invited!  (Diane, you can guest whenever you’d like!  If you want me to get my grandma up so you can turn it into a episode about being a nurse, then so be it.)
    • Topics to cover – Baseball, Twins, Minnesota vs. California, music (dream playlist, dream concert, and discuss that cool Pearl Jam experience and setlist from a while back), and probably embarrass myself by sharing my first interaction with The Plouffe (an autograph request turned awkward back in 2011).


So there it is.  Any of these dream guests that you’d like to hear on the show?  If so, they are all on Twitter and you could be more than kind by suggesting to them that they do the show.  Let’s keep it at suggesting and being kind – just at them and the show and mention that you’d love to hear their input.

Are there ones you thought for sure I’d have on the list and maybe forgot?  Sne dthose over, too.


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