Sort of.

I’m back with a companion piece to the latest episode of At The Gates Podcast (see embedded link below, and please subscribe on iTunes).


This episode was recorded at the WNBA Finals, game 5, winner-take-all game.

And here is the previous episode, also recorded at the WNBA Finals…

I am curious how you would fill out your bracket. Leave comments below and tell me your Final Four and your “Nasal Champion”.  I will be posting one of these brackets every month for the foreseeable future, so be on the look-out for some bracket fun (next up: US Territories/States).

BASEBALL UPDATE:  I am working on the baseball posts and will start the 2016 season recap VERY soon, like this month soon.  Excited?  I am.  It will be nice to reflect on baseball as I am trapped in a baseball-less land where the daylight evaporates quickly and the temperatures are bound to drop to levels that separate people into “glorified-Canadians” versus “the Southern type”.  I’m a lifelong “glorified-Canadian”, so I am prepared.

I wish I could attend one game of the World Series, but those prices just will not be justifiable in my logical side of my brain.  Think this blog can generate a press credential?  I didn’t think so.  So it is with a heavy heart that I must finally concede that my baseball season died when the Twins season was put out of its misery in Chicago on October 2nd.

But between the blog posts and finally being able to watch games on Fox, There is at least some way to live *some* vicarious baseball dreams for just a little longer.


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