Thank You, Trevor Plouffe

I read the news today, oh boy…

The Minnesota Twins had just cut The Plouffe…

As a person who attended your first career game in the MLB and who blossomed into arguably one of your biggest fans, right now I am…

Cry Meme


But things are going to be alright, right?  Just another case of 2016 being 2016 (aka: the biggest bully-year ever).

We can all agree, that…



You will remain my favorite player, and I will follow your season and career with the same intensity I have held for the past few seasons here in MN.  I wish you an All-Star experience, World Series, and many more dongers slapped by yourself.  And who knows, maybe we will meet again at Target Field, both donning that Twins jersey one last time.

Until that last part comes true, I will make it my mission to go to at least one of your home games with whatever team you may be on and get the joy and thrill of an adventure/road trip.

May you flourish and prosper, may you enjoy all that baseball and LIFE has to offer you (even if it isn’t in MN), and may our roads cross again someday in the future (you best better believe that you will be able to hear me cheering).

To ALL the MLB teams out there, know this:  By signing Trevor Plouffe you not only get a future All-Star 3B, but you get a diehard Plouffe fan.  (Hey Cali teams, he’s a local kid, you know, and I won’t mind making my first trip to your fine state a trip centered around baseball.)

Thank you,

Tony Voda (aka: Plouffe’s New Hairdo, aka: #VotePlouffe, aka: Plouffe Is Delmoning)


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