Plouffe Skywalker Is Our Only Hope – Balls 529-534 (May 19, 2016)

Toronto Blue Jays 3 – Minnesota Twins 2

Target Field – Minneapolis, MN

May 19, 2016

The second game of the 2016 didn’t come to me until May 19th.  That’s right, over a month after Opening Day, and quite honestly, I wasn’t really missing it.  I was still getting my head in the right place and focusing on getting things to an OK state.  I don’t know if they are quite there yet (as I write this), but things have only gotten better – as you’ll be able to see in the frequency of my baseball games and the ability to remember more and more details.

Fors the second year in a row, the Twins did a Star Wars bobblehead giveaway, and the star was none other than…


It is sadly ironic that I write this blog post just days after Trevor was outrighted off of the Twins roster.  There is some happiness in this though, as I am able to still look back fondly and relive him being a Twin (even if only until the season begins).


Ball 1 – Tim Leiper

Ball 2 – Ezequiel Carrera

Ball 3 – Dom (Florida Spring Training commemorative)

Ball 4 – Dom (warm-up ball from mid-4th – Marco Estrada pitching)

Ball 5 – Dom (Jose Bautista F8 to Danny Santana, Ervin Santana pitching in top of 6th)

Ball 6 – Joe Mauer

And an Oswaldo Arcia broken bat knob!

MVP Thank Yous:

  • Dominique

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