“Music Man” Gets Ass Kicked By God’s Chosen Helpers – MiLB Recap (May 21, 2016)

Gary SouthShore RailCats 8 – St. Paul Saints 18

CHS Field – St. Paul, MN

May 21, 2016

Ahhhh, Minor League Baseball.  So chill, so low-key, still baseball.

This was not my first Saints game, but it was my first time visiting CHS Field – the new home of the St. Paul Saints.  CHS opened up the year before, so I felt a little behind on the times and knew I had to correct that.  So who do I call to join me?  Yep, Jared.


We got to CHS early and wandered around the stadium, checking out the details and the new sightlines.  I even happened to stumble across a couple baseballs, but just kept one as a memento.

I think it is pretty obvious, based on everyone else’s reviews of the stadium, that CHS is special.  It has been ranked #1 in the MiLB by a few publications and seeing it that night only backed that up in my mind.  The weather was perfect, the sunset was stunning, and the Saints were LETHAL.

The Saints put on a show early on, whacking a few dongs and easily cruising to a no-doubt win.  But being gracious hosts like we are in Minnesota, we let the (ready yourself for the longest and most boring name) Gary SouthShore RailCats pad their stats, so long as they didn’t get crazy and think they could actually come back.

The final score was 18-8… St. Paul Saints WIN!!  Just like that, in my first time at CHS, I had seen the Saints win as many home games as I would see the Twins win home games the entire 2016 season.

Oh, and if you get thirsty, I’d suggest the numerous beverage stands.  At CHS Field (and Minnesota in general), we pride ourselves in not needing to drink out of toilets.  The sign shown above is a reminder to outsiders that we have plenty of better options available and that we also do our part in going green (by recycling water).


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