Happy Thanksgiving!!! (2016 Version)

In the same tune as last year’s post, I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving/Thursday Maximus. There are many people that have helped contribute to a great time at the ballpark, but the ones listed below were most instrumental to making 2016 a great escape from real life.

Ballhawks of Target Field (both official and honorary) – The community at Target Field really solidified at the end of the year last year and now has the feel of a legitimate place to ballhawk (maybe not with great numbers, but at least with a community). The cast this year included:

  • Nate Duppler
  • Dave Forstad
  • Mateo
  • Paul
  • Alex
  • Jared
  • Larry Larson
  • Nick Larson
  • Jack Larson
  • Joyce Larson
  • Peter Larson
  • David Welch

Ballhawk Talk – You guys are a great duo. Hanks for having me on so much and for hosting a fine group of individuals. Cole, I look forward to meeting you soon. Maybe come up to Northern MN?

Jared – Thanks for helping me get though the terrible times. This year has been a personal low for me, but you made sure it didn’t get too low. Thanks for being a great cameraman and even better friend.

Atlanta – “What a great time packed into such a condensed trip. The stadium looked great, the ballhawking was perfect, and the people were friendly. I will be back, you can count on it.” I wrote that about Houston last year, but it applies to Atlanta this year, too. The only difference is that when I go back (hopefully next year), I’ll be going to a new stadium. Thanks for letting me see you in your dying days, Turner Field.

David Welch – Sorry we didn’t get to see each other very long in Atlanta, but we’ll make up for that soon. Thanks for also being my co-host and pushing us to start Ballhawk Blab (go check it out on YouTube).

Chicago – Back again. His time I went twice this year – once to get a Cubs commemorative (and see the eventual World Series champs) and again to see the Twins close their season in the South Side.

Larson Family – Thanks for making me an adopted honorary Larson. I’m so glad you all got to witness history and cheer on your Cubs. It’s awesome that you made a big family thing out of something so historical. Also, Jack’s a wild card – watch out!

Arizona – My first time in that fine state, and I cannot deny how beautiful it is. I’m glad I could continue my streak of spring training, even if it was a new location. I wouldn’t mind the Twins moving there for February and March – it’s that awesome.

The Minnesota Twins – Even in a down year, they were still appreciated by me. I need a distraction and they helped get me through some terrible times. Now with a new leadership team, I think we are going out on a high note in 2016.

Trevor Plouffe – No longer technically a Twin, he’s still my favorite. I will go out of my way to watch at least one home game for his team each year of his career. No matter the uniform, you’re always a Twin and I’m always your fan. Plus, many thanks to your family. I got to meet some of them at TwinsFest 2016 and they have been amazing people. (Thanks, Diane! My Evie, mom, and grandma all say hello.)

Dominique Frost – Amazing. Simply amazing. You will be missed at Target Field, Dom. But I know big hints are still in your future (music for sure).

You, the reader – I know a decent amount of the regulars who visit my site, but there are countless others, people I do not even know by name; to you, THANK YOU! Feel free to also subscribe to the podcast, follow me on social media (Twitter, Instagram, etc.), and/or say hello in the comments.

My 2016 in slideshow form:

Copied from last year (and so happy to have her still in my life): Thank you, my “littlest one”, for always being eager and happy to see me when I came home. My puppy, Evelyn, would always pounce on me and want to share in the collection of leather-wrapped strings that I brought home. A simple distraction of a treat would usually allow me to take a quick picture and secure the prizes/souvenirs, BUT no matter how much I wanted to love this hobby (and going to games), she reminded me what matters most, my little family waiting for me at home.

Taking my Evie to Wrigley was the top moment of baseball this year. How many others can say they brought their dog on a solo road trip with them to see Wrigley together?


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