Genetic Duplicates Foiled By Multiple Scottish Princesses – Balls 547-552 (July 26, 2016)

Atlanta Braves 2 – Minnesota Twins 0

Target Field – Minneapolis, MN

July 26, 2016

Minnesota’s MLB franchise got a redheaded-beatdown from Disney’s favorite Scottish-inspired princesses, but that was probably already a given, since the previous MLB blog post said that the Twins only won one game at home when I was in attendance (and it was the one described in that post).

But before I get too ahead of myself and talk about another loss, let’s back up a bit.  The Twins and the Atlanta Scottish Princesses played each other in the greatest World Series ever played in 1991.  They both went from worst (in 1990) to first, so this rivalry turned 25 this season and both teams got to play a two-game home series against each other.  Unfortunately, both teams are more like their 1990 selves, if not worse.  This game was the first of four games they’d play in 2016, a total that I would also witness as an attendee.

So if the teams were bad, then why would I care so much?  Well, prices were cheap.  Larry (yes, the one famous for Ballhawk Talk) was coming to town.  Oh, and maybe a commemorative baseball would be used?

This was the ball that was being floated around…


Pictures were circulated and a few went on sale, so maybe this would be used for this series?  It certainly wasn’t used up until this point, so what better time than facing the wee Atlantans?


As you can see, no luck.  I even got a couple from the game ball bag and asked Dom if they were using them at all.  The answer made me sad, “No.”

But what I can say is that we had quite the showing of ballhawks.  The center photo goes something like:

Front row: Nick Larson, Mateo Fischer, Paul Kom

Back row: Jack Larson, Tony Voda, Larry Larson, Nate Duppler, Jared Wieseler

Jared broke his phone by dropping it on the ground because he was so mad at the Twins’ play (or maybe just a case of butterfingers), and I signed one of my baseball cards and a baseball.

Ball 1 – Max Kepler

Ball 2 – Trevor May

Ball 3 – Marty Reed

Ball 4 – Unknown Princess

Ball 5 – Dom

Ball 6 – Bobby

MVP Thank Yous:


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