Duplicates Duplicate Loss As Princesses Prove They Need No Rescuing – Balls 553-559 (July 27, 2016)

Atlanta Braves 9 – Minnesota Twins 7

Target Field – Minneapolis, MN

July 27, 2016

Nothing new, just an extension of the previous entry – minus a different date and different way to lose by two runs.  (Also, if you are unsure why I call the Atlanta team the Princesses, go back to the previous post.  Think of a Disney/Pixar film.)

Rather than meet Larry at the gates, I picked him up along the way.  His family wasn’t going to go to the game early and I was, so we prepared a hostage like exchange – I received Larry in exchange for them receiving additional time and not having to have Larry around (I’m pretty sure that was the deal).

The day was remaining dry until shortly after I picked up Señor Larson, then it turned into a downpour from a small cell that hovered over Minneapolis.  We stopped at The Herbivorous Butcher before the game – picking up some jerky and ghost pepper caramel.  Then we were Singing In The Rain as we made the quick jump down to Target Field.

The rest is all a blur.  I cannot remember if Larry ate the ghost pepper caramel or not.  Hmmm…


Ball 1 – Butch Davis

Ball 2 – Robbie Grossman

Ball 3 – Bobby

Ball 4 – Bobby (wild pitch: 1-2 pitch from Mike Foltynewicz to Robbie Grossman, bot of 4th – AJ Pierzynski catching)

Ball 5 – Tom Brunansky (Mauricio Cabrera to Eddie Rosario (1-2) bot of 7th – ball was pitched over 100 mph)

Ball 6 – Joe Mauer

Ball 7 – Dom

MVP Thank Yous:

  • The Herbivorous Butcher
  • Nicky’s Comfort Candy (ghost pepper caramel)
  • Larry

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