Derby and ASG In a Minor Key (August 1-2, 2016)

Curt Smith 2Alonzo Harris 1

CHS Field – St. Paul, MN

August 1, 2016

South 1 – North 6

CHS Field – St. Paul, MN

August 2, 2016, 2016

When an All-Star Game comes to town, you go. That’s my philosophy, at least. The All-Star Game in question was another baseball one, this time for the American Association (which the St. Paul Saints belong to). I ended up going to the ASG with Jared, but I decided to also take in the HR Derby the day before, but I went solo to that.

So let’s get straight to the point..

I called my shot.


What I didn’t know was that this would actually happen…

See that guy with the big glove? That was me. I caught TWO HR Derby bombs with a giant glove – which isn’t easy, since they like to fly through the webbing (since it is big enough to let a ball through). And to make it even better, I caught a HR from the eventual champion and the runner-up (the runner-up being the St. Paul Saint who I said I’d catch).

Also in attendance? Nate Duppler – Target Field autograph seeker and maybe even blossoming ballhawk.  Check out his recap of the HR Derby; I know he was pretty jacked for eerily similar reasons as me.


The rest of the night was pretty fun, too. Mark Hamburger loved the giant glove, so he wore it for a while and as a thank you he gave me a signed ball (and mentioned they weren’t using special ones for the ASG). I also caught one during BP. Overall it was great fun – not intense ballhawking, just more about the experience and trying to then catch one during the Derby.

After the competition was over, I even got each player to sign each of their HR balls I snagged. I doubt that would ever happen at an MLB sanctioned Derby.

The next day…


…was All-Star Day! I wore full catcher’s gear and looked ridiculous. But when you are at minor league games and one that is partially owned by Bill Murray, why not go a little nuts? As you can see again, the glove got some love from the players. I then caught a couple more (don’t remember how) and took in another ASG with Jared.

MVP Thank Yous:

  • Jared
  • American Association – specifically ticket prices
  • Mark Hamburger
  • Alonzo Harris

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