DisneyWorld Atlanta: Home of the Princesses – Balls 560-567 (August 16, 2016)

Minnesota Twins 4Atlanta Braves 2

Turner Field – Atlanta, GA

August 16, 2016

Yes, I am keeping the Princess gag going on this post, too.  Not only did I commit to going to all 4 of the Princesses/Twins games this year, they also happened to be all in a row (at least, for me).

Jared and I are still editing the video, so this part will become obsolete at some point, but let me tell you, I SURVIVED!  That’s right, this was my first trip to a baseball game not via car; instead, I took an anxiety-inducing PLANE RIDE.  I’m still not a fan, but knowing now that I didn’t die, I’d say it was worth it.

Since this was the first time both Jared and I had spent more than 30 minutes sitting down in Atlanta, we had a metric butt-load of activities planned.  And I’m happy to say that we pretty much completed them all.

I may forget a few things/specifics, but we visited:

  • Turner Field, DUH!
  • Coca-Cola Experience*
  • CNN Tour*
  • College Football Hall of Fame*
  • Georgia Aquarium*
  • Centennial Olympic Park
  • Wax N Facts Record Store
  • Criminal Records
  • Herban Fix (restaurant)
  • The Cabbage Pie (restaurant/bar)
  • Cafe Sunflower
  • Dulce Vegan Bakery & Cafe
  • Viva La Vegan (restaurant)

*  = Part of the City Pass that we purchased online.  The City Pass gives you a discounted/flat rate and gets you in to 5 different attractions.  Visit their website for more info; we’d recommend it if you are looking to do a bunch of the tourist things.

But enough about that, the video should show the majority of that stuff.

Let’s focus on the game.  Like I said a few posts ago, this year the Twins were a pathetic 1-10 when I saw them at home, but 3-0 when I saw them on the road.  Since this was a road game, things were good.

But why go to Atlanta?  Seems kind of random, no?

It is not random; it was strategically done.  This was the last year at Turner Field, so I wanted to see it before it was too late, PLUS there was the added bonus of a baseball commemorating that fact.  I needed to get one, and figured it would be nice to see the Twins play there (and celebrate Kent Hrbek and Kirby Puckett leading us over the Princesses in the 1991 World Series).

By the way, Ron Gant was clearly out.

Jared and I got the VIP experience/tour for this game, so that was really cool to see.  We even saw Hank Aaron!…’s parking spot.  Then after getting a look at all of the stadium (and many behind the scenes looks at the under-stadium ring around the place), we got to stay on the field and watch BP from behind a rope.  I got a ton of baseballs during this time, but it just didn’t feel right.  I wanted to be out n the outfield, trying for my first cup trick ball, finding David Welch, and enjoying the cloudy weather.  But that experience was to happen tomorrow.


I forgot to number this one, but treat it like you are reading a book (top to bottom, moving left to right; the center image being something special/fun).

Ball 1 – Tyrell Jenkins

Ball 2 – Eddie Guardado

Ball 3 – Erick Aybar (Maybe the last toss-up as a Princess?  He was released just before game-time.)

Ball 4 – Bo Porter

Ball 5 – Anthony Recker

Ball 6 – Unknown Princess (Let’s call him Mark Lemke.  What’s a Lemke?)

Ball 7 – Eduardo Escobar

Ball 8 – Tom Brunansky – COMMEMORATIVE!  (warm-up pitch during a pitcher change in the top of the 6th (Kepler up to bat, Ian Krol pitching with 2 out)

I should have had a commemorative earlier, but Plouffe’s toss-up over to me got deflected and was a little short.  I still thank him for trying and for caring…  Dang it, now I’m thinking about how I’m going to miss him again.

There you have it, Game 1 in Atlanta in the books.

MVP Thank Yous:

  • Jared
  • VIP tour-guide
  • Trevor Plouffe
  • Tom Brunansky


Wanna see what I thought of the record stores in Atlanta and what I found?  Of course you do.


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