*Spoilers* Eventual 2016 World Series Champion Played This Game – Balls 582-585 (August 29, 2016)

Pittsburgh Pirates 7Chicago Cubs 8

Wrigley Field – Chicago, IL

August 29, 2016

Three games, three cities… albeit 12 days separated. This time it was the home of the 2016 World Series Champions*, The Chicago Cubs.

* – Denotes non-universally accepted “champion” title, as their championship was both paid for AND occurred in the worst year EVER. All of 2016’s problems were sacrifices made by Cubs fans to finally get their participation trophy they so dearly thought they “deserved”.

TROLOLOLOL… Love you, Larry. But the rest of you “Cubs fans”, you can piss right off.

But if I am being honest for a minute, I love Wrigley Field. I even enjoy the Cubs. And most importantly, I appreciate their ticket staff, which once again treated me so incredibly great. A gift bag with my name on it was delivered to my seat before first pitch – one that included a Joe Maddon bobblehead, a W flag for your vehicle, and other Cubs-branded souvenirs.

But the real reason why I went down to one of the closest ballparks outside of the Twins?

You guessed it, a commemorative baseball.

I will not leave you in suspense…


The target was acquired. And even though I was nervous and shittin’ bricks outside of the stadium for a couple of hours as the sprinkles turned into almost a legit rain, I was able to cross it off my list within a minute of being inside the stadium. Whew!

And look at the picture of me and Evelyn outside of Wrigley. That’s right, I brought my dog with and made sure I was a good dad and showed my little one a historic baseball site. I also ended up hitting up The Chicago Diner (a block from my AirBnB) and Wreckless Records (a mile or so from my AirBNB).

Here’s the podcast, if you’re into that sort of thing. (Please subscribe to it on iTunes and leave a review. If you do that, then the show gets more visibility, which means I am more likely to be able to do more of them AND it also means I will be more likely to run into you and have you on the show.)

No batting practice was taken and a very small amount of warm up was done once fans entered the gates. So four isn’t a bad total in a hard stadium like Wrigley, given the conditions.

Also of note, the game was incredibly long and it didn’t help that it also went into extra innings. I was planning on getting back to my dog (who I brought with) early and even trying to drive home that night, but no such luck.

Ball 1 – Unknown Cub – COMMEMORATIVE (Jacque Jones?)

Ball 2 – Jameson Taillon

Ball 3 – Nick Leyva – COMMEMORATIVE + GAMER

Ball 4 – Rick Sofield


* Lost in the stats was a dilemma that was solved by just giving the ball away. I was tossed a MiLB ball by a Pirates coach as he worked with Francisco Cervelli. I was confused about how to count it, should I count it, and what to do. My personal stance is count any MLB ball from an MLB-sanctioned event (regular season, ASG, spring training, etc.). I gave away the ball to a kid when I was tossed the commemorative ball from Nick Leyva. I wanted to keep the gamer, but also didn’t want to look greedy. I think everyone won, including my brain. *

MVP Thank Yous:

  • Cubs Ticketing Office
  • Nick Leyva
  • Unknown Cub who alleviated my commemorative-induced anxiety

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