Not Even Chareth Cutestory Could Defend This Maritime Slaughter – Balls 599-604 (September 23, 2016)

Seattle Mariners 10Minnesota Twins 1

Target Field – Minneapolis, MN

September 23, 2016

If the title confuses you, then maybe we cannot be friends. I kid… or do I? Seriously, if you haven’t watched Arrested Development, then I don’t know that we can be that close of friends.

Now that you have watched at least seasons 1-3 of the show (3 or more times, at least), you may continue reading. Also, feel free to download your “Tony Voda Friendship Certificate” – I will sign it when we next meet in person.

I wish I could type more or make up some elaborate and hilarious story, but the game was just an all-too-typical murder of the Twins. I was even rooting for something historic to happen at the games in 2016; I’ve never seen a no-hitter or perfect game, why couldn’t the Twins suck that bad? Instead, I just got to see a team go 1-10 at home and bring them perfect luck when seeing them on the road (3-0).

The good news? The season was nearing its completion, I got my 600th ball this game, and I was finally enjoying baseball again.  Plus, since Plouffe was out, I didn’t feel so bad hoping to see some (negative/anti-Twin history).

*I promise I’m not anti-Twins or some incredibly bitter fan. I will root for a team and still wish for them to do well, but I’m also a baseball enthusiast. I want to see history – I want to say “I’ve witnessed one of those” or be able to display my game ticket because of some once-in-a-lifetime occurrence. I’d prefer the Twins even do them, but with the 2016 squad, I would take it from either side, really. *


Let there be PODCAST!

Wake up! Time to switch from auditory stimulus to visual stimulus.

Notice the pretty rainbows and the beautiful sky? Not everything was doom and gloom. Plus, look at your’s truly doing some modeling at the gate.

Ball 1 – Buddy Boshers

Ball 2 – Nate Dammann

Ball 3 – Dom – FL Commemorative!

Ball 4 – Dom

Ball 5 – Gene Glynn

Ball 6 – Kurt Suzuki


MVP Thank Yous:

  • Dom (again x infinity)
  • Arrested Development

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