The Death of 2016… At Least For the Twins and My Baseball Season – Balls 612-615 (October 2, 2016)

Minnesota Twins 6Chicago White Sox 3

U.S. Cellular Field – Chicago, IL

October 2, 2016

You know it’s going to be an interesting game when the first batter of the game hits an inside-the-park HR. It’s also very fitting that I got to see Robin Ventura’s last game as the coach of the White Sox, AND that the Twins finally won a game… but of course Chris Sale was pitching.

Chris Sale against the Twins in the last few years has been ATROCIOUS! He is arguably one of the best pitchers inthe league and has been stuck on a White Sox team that has been spinning their wheels – caught somewhere between having a bunch of good pieces and not having enough of the right pieces to actually put it all together. I guess that is why Robin got the axe, and why Chris Sale is no longer on the team – the FIRE SALE of 2016 began shortly after this game.

But let’s talk about the game, the experience, the first time ballhawking at The Cell (and last time anyone can honestly say that, since even the sponsor of the stadium is being replaced in 2017), and THE LARSONS!

As you may know by now, I am from Minnesota. WHOA! And since Chicago is the closest baseball city to me (along with Kansas City), I decided to cross off another stadium from my list. And since it was the Twins’ final game of 2016, maybe they’d feel generous, like they were at the last home game. It also helped that I had some friends down for a vegan fest that happened to be that weekend. I wasn’t able to make it to the fest, but we still were able to get together the night before the game and take in some great food and a record store.

Shameless linking to my own video reviewing my record store pick-ups.

* Be on the lookout for a companion blog that tracks all of my vegan and vinyl adventures. Since I will be frequenting those types of places on road trips, there will be some companion pieces between the two blogs. *

I even brought Evie down with me again, and we stayed in a decent AirBnB again. I’m really digging that way of taking in a city – you can be much closer to the parts of a town that you want to explore and often times it is MUCH cheaper, along with a much bigger/fuller way of living compared to a hotel. And having a pet, I can say that it is much easier to find an AirBnB than a hotel that accepts Evie.

Unfortunately, due to time constraints and some generally lousy weather (just damp the entire time I was down there), I didn’t get to bring her to the stadium to get another selfie with her. Maybe next time. But there was something even better that I got to meet at the gates…

Now back to the typed text…


I got to hang with 80% of the human Larson family – maybe next time, Peter? Larry was all jacked up about some other Chicago team, Nick was giving his White Sox insider review of Robin’s time as a coach, and Jack was the wild card that every family/group of friends needs. Then there was Joyce… was she there? Is she real? You’ll have to listen to the show. (By the way, it’s an audio show, not a video show.)


In one of the worst years of my life, there have been many things that could have easily gone under the radar or been diminished because I focused on all of the crap. But going to 3 games with Larry in one year will NOT go unnoticed and will not go unappreciated. The whole family is a ballhawking/baseball treasure. They deserved to celebrate as a family unit this year with the historic Cubs World Series win.

Ball 1 – Eduardo Escobar

Ball 2 – Kennys Vargas

Ball 3 – Bat Boy (Game Ball!)

Ball 4 – Daryl Boston (Game Ball!)

BATTING GLOVES – Kennys Vargas

BAT – Robbie Grossman


MVP Thank Yous:

  • The Larsons
  • Laura and Wayne – Ground Control!, The Chicago Diner, and Bucket O’ Blood were all fantastic experiences.

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