The Few, The Proud, The 2016 Twins Fans – Balls 605-611 (September 25, 2016)

Seattle Mariners 4Minnesota Twins 3

Target Field – Minneapolis, MN

September 25, 2016

The title was a Marines/Mariners joke… get it? Though “proud” might not be the exact adjective for Twins fans this past year. It was tough and historically the WORST. In fact, this game would end up being a milestone, one that teams like to avoid.

100 losses.

Though it was not there final game of the year, it was the final HOME game of 2016. So that meant one thing… hope for something more than a baseball. It’s not always a given on the last home game, especially if they still have more games to play on the road, but the odds are MUCH higher.


Welp, that photo kinda gives it away. But…


Looking at the photos and remembering what was covered on the show, I’d be a fool not to mention the REAL black-cloud hanging over Target Field (and more so over all of the MLB). Jose Fernandez perished earlier that morning. He was so incredibly young and even more talented than his youth would let on. While the details that eventually came out are less than perfect, it was still a shock and unwarranted for anyone to have happen to them. I think a lot of Twins fans secretly hoped that we could have pulled off that blockbuster trade that the Marlins were floating around for potential Jose suitors.

Also in the realm of sadness, it was Dom’s last day with the Twins. I still cannot fathom him NOT being there opening day or in 2017 at all. It’s not real, nor do I want it to be. But come April I will have to face reality. The final slash line:

Dom to Tony:

  • 88 Total Balls
    • 66 Gamers
  • Year-by-Year
    • 2012 – 4
    • 2013 – 6
    • 2014 – 29
    • 2015 – 28
    • 2016 – 21
  • Notable misc. stats
    • 1st ball – 8/28/2012 – Dustin Ackley HR (Mariners/Twins)
    • One-game high – 4 (10/4/2015)
    • ASG Week – 4 total (2 Futures, 1 HR Derby (Flex Ball!), 1 ASG)
    • Away from Target Field – 2 total (Turner Field)

Dom (aka Kirk Frost),

Thank you. You have no clue how awesome I think you are and were instrumental in helping me attain some of my most prized baseballs. They may just be part of the job to you, but to someone like me, they are special – truly a piece of the game and each one has a story to me (as you can tell based on this site, and my nerdy spreadsheet).

I wish you nothing but success and hopefully your dreams come true… and allow you to come back to MN to say hello again. If you are ever down for it, you know you have a podcast that would love to interview you and promote your musical endeavors.

Thank you.

Ball 1 – Unknown Mariner (Jay Buhner?)

Ball 2 – Unknown Mariner (John Olerud?)

Ball 3 – Tony Oliva – not asked for, but not only given to me, but signed by Tony himself

Ball 4 – Eduardo Escobar

Ball 5 – Tom Brunansky

Ball 6 – Dom

Ball 7 – Dom – My FINAL toss-up from THE LEGEND.

BAT – Miguel Sano (second time this month!)

BATTING GLOVES – Jorge Polanco

HATS – Trevor Plouffe (his last worn as a Twin), Juan Centeno, Kennys Vargas

Seriously, Twins, RETIRE “BB”! #TwinsHoFDomFrost


MVP Thank Yous:

  • Dominique Frost (the last time I can ever type that while he was a member of the Twins)

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