Introducing My New Favorite Team…


OK, OK. Before you get too pissy with me and call me out for being a bandwagon fan and disloyal to my hometown team, let me clear the air.

Am I bandwagon? By definition: Yes. But I do have my reasons and I don’t consider modern-day bandwagon fans to be ones that jump ship for an as-of-last-season mediocre team. Today’s bandwagon fans hop on the hot teams, the ones with the superstars and dreams of being champs (or often times the team that just won their respective league’s championship). But the biggest reason I have for this adoption of a new favorite is simple…


I have always been a person who roots for players first and teams second. And in cheering for that player, I generally root for that team, too. So while it seems like a slight to the Twins, I will technically have two favorites. I will still attend the majority of my games at Target Field and hope for outcomes that benefit the home team, but I will also be cheering for my favorite player and therefore his team, the Oakland Athletics. The last time the Twins AND A’s were good at the same time was the late 80s. You could argue the Moneyball-era of the A’s also produced competitive teams in both markets, but the late 80s into the early 90s saw these teams winning pennants and a couple World Series.

So is it really that bad that I have two favorites? Is it wrong to stay loyal to my hometown team and to a player who is the epitome of generous and has a positive influence int he game? I highly doubt that my allegiances will come to a head in a playoff match-up, so let me just have a few horses in the race and allow me to cheer for baseball to be a better game. The more I have to look forward to (no matter the team), the better shape the sport is in.

To the people of Oakland:

Treat Trevor kindly. He is one of your own, a Californian kid who (I’m making an educated guess) hates the team across the Bay. Sure, he grew up a Dodgers fan, but the focus of anti-Giants should be a building block upon which you can forge a great relationship.

Trevor is kind, positive, and has a lot left in the tank. You are getting a team player who puts the fans at the very top of the list. He will be loyal to you, so please be loyal to him. One way to show some loyalty would definitely be choosing to #VotePlouffe.

I will be checking in on Trevor’s season and even trying to line up a chance to visit your stadium to see him in his home stadium, so you have been warned. I look forward to cheering with you and watching all of the positives that Trevor contributes to this year’s Athletics.

Positive vibes, from the land of ice and snow,

Tony Voda

(@VotePlouffe, @MLBVegan, @TheGatesPodcast)


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