Seems Like There Oughta Be A Million Centerfielders – Balls 616-619 (April 3, 2017)

Kansas City Royals 1 – Minnesota Twins 7

Target Field – Minneapolis, MN

April 3, 2017

After a few months of hibernation, baseball finally came out from its comfy cavern and graced us with its presence. While it has been almost 6 months to the day since my last game, I haven’t exactly neglected baseball. In fact, I’ve been planning this year with much detail and tenacity. But those details will reveal themselves on this blog in due time.

Normally the true “Opening Day” doesn’t take place at Target Field, since we are a cold-weather stadium and the Twins (and MLB) prefer it to open somewhere more weather-friendly. But 2017 marks the second time in the new stadium’s history that we got to host a game on the widespread first full day of baseball in the league.

Speaking of streaks and semi-statistical analysis, this would also be the EIGHTH Home Opener that my friend Jared and I attended together. We’ve gone to every opener at Target Field, and weather-wise it was about as average (dull) as you could expect – highs barely reaching 50, cloudy, grey skies that leaked some drizzle off and on, and enough of a wind gust to make shorts a bad choice (and heat lamps a good choice).

Note: Last time the Twins won their home opener was 2011. The last time they opened the season at home was 2013.

The Twins even pulled out all the stops in celebrating Opening Day (and also maybe because they are celebrating 30 years since the 1987 World Series, or maybe because of the hiring of some fan-favorite players to executive positions). The pre-game ceremony featured many of the Twins Top 50 in Franchise History – even Justin Morneau, Ron Gardenhire, and AJ Pierzynski were there!

As for the balls, they were boring and uneventful. BP was crowded and toss-ups from the dugout were virtually zero. Thanks to Eduardo Escobar, I was able to get an Opening Day ball just before the game started – otherwise I would have likely been shut out form that commemorative.


Ball 1 – Unknown Royal

Ball 2 – Eddie Guardado

Ball 3 – Eduardo Escobar

Sausage 1 – The Herbivorous Butcher – Look for it at the cart behind section 129!

Ball 4 – Chris Gimenez


MVP Thank Yous:

  • The Herbivorous Butcher – for the most wonderful sausage in the MLB
  • Eduardo Escobar – for keeping the streak of Opening Day commemoratives alive


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