Friends of P. – Balls 646-652 (May 2, 2017)

Oakland Athletics 1 – Minnesota Twins 9

Target Field – Minneapolis, MN

May 2, 2017

Matt Sharp of The Rentals said it best when he sang:

“If you’re friends with P.,
Well, then you’re friends with me.”

P. (standing for: Plouffe, Trevor) was coming home! For the first time in his career, The Plouffe was going to be playing in Minnesota with a jersey other than the Minnesota Twins on his back. Sure, it might look weird at first, but I think he’d even admit that the reception and feelings he received from those at the game was special.

FanHQ even held a promotion where you got a ticket and an Oakland Athletics-inspired Plouffe shirt along with the ability to get a photo with him before the game. It even surprised me how many folks took advantage of this opportunity. The “Friends of P. Fanclub” is loyal and larger than imagined. Cool.

Unfortunately, for Trevor and any Athletics fans, both his night and his new team’s night was a dud. The Twins dominated and easily coasted to a win. What is going on this year?! I am now 3-0 at Target Field! This is triple the wins from last year and I am still 8 games short of matching my total games at Target Field in 2016.


Ball 1 – Worker (Outside of the park)

Ball 2 – Nate Dammann

Ball 3 – A’s coach

Ball 4 – Kennys Vargas

Ball 5 – Eduardo Escobar

Ball 6 – Twins Bat Boy (new, so I don’t know his name)

Ball 7 – Mike Winters (first umpire ball in nearly two years!)

MVP Thank Yous:

  • Trevor Plouffe fans – for the showing up and making the dude feel at home again

As you may have been able to tell, I am running low on storage space via WordPress. I have resorted to posting one collage per post, but I miss having extra pix, especially showcasing some panos from new stadiums. If you have a good work around or would like to see them posted somewhere else, let me know. If interest is high enough, I could be swayed to additional platforms.


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