Like I Was Saying, My New Favorite Team…


Sure, I may have made a contradictory statement back in January, but please forgive me. I have seen the light, and the Rays are bright!


Admittedly, the time in Oakland was not the best. Struggles were had, but I think in a park like the Trop, Trevor can really flourish. He never was able to play at the Metrodome – he missed it by a year – but we will finally see what could have been now that he is playing in the Dome 2.0.

I was lucky enough to see him as an Athletic, and should be doing the same while he’s a part of the Rays organization. I think he really has a chance to finally play the role of Michael Cuddyer – versatile with his glove at many positions, and a nice bat that can do some damage and stack around your big hitters.

Now let’s finish strong and see if Trevor and company can help take down the Evil Empire.

-An unapologetic Trevor Plouffe fan


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