All I Want To Know Is, Can You Come A Little Closer? – Balls 810-816 (August 20, 2017)

Arizona Diamonbacks 5 – Minnesota Twins 12

Target Field – Minneapolis, MN

August 20, 2017

If I am being honest, I am still beating myself up over the events from this game. Well, more specifically, the EVENT from this game. I even found it hard to fall asleep the evening after this game, because there is a ghost of a rather significant ball that haunts me. IT HAUNTS ME.

The Twins were applying a beating to the Diamondbacks, already up 5-0 and having knocked TJ McFarland out of the game after only getting ONE out. The bases were loaded and Eddie Rosario was at the plate. I had envisioned a grand slam in my mind – how I’d attack the play, how I’d even celebrate, and just the joy of a grand slam – and amazingly, he delivered his end of the deal…

But I did not. As soon as the ball was hit I knew it was out and going to be close to me. I thought it was hit a bit deeper, though. so I was playing it WELL deep. Then I noticed that it was falling short, so I charged it (replays confirm this). But as I got closer, I thought it was going to hit the flagpole, so I eased up and decided to play the bounce. From looking around earlier, it seemed like no one else was going to give me competition, so I felt good camped out under it. Then I noticed a giant. He was directly to my right and before I had time to change my plan, he reached inches ahead of my glove and barehanded it before I could wrap my catcher’s mitt around it.


I was deflated. Absolutely crushed. How often do you get the chance to get a grand slam ball? And how often is the plaza that empty? AND WHY DID THAT GUY HAVE TO BE WALKING BY IN THAT AT-BAT AND GET SO LUCKY?! He was not there before and left as soon as he snagged it. I’m still shook. I hope I can recover and catch a HR to wipe away the pain, but that is never guaranteed.

There were seven balls snagged (on a Sunday game with no BP), but they collectively, let alone individually, pale in comparison to that ghost ball. The only piece of history that seems of any importance is the 5th ball of the day, Daniel Descalzo’s first pitch of the day, one he threw to Eduardo Escobar. Yep, I have a ball that a position player threw. But does that compare to a grand slam ball? No.

Bartolo cruised to a victory, even if he wasn’t all that sharp. This win put him in rare territory as he had now beaten all 30 teams/franchises in the MLB. Cool.



I plead with you, next grand slam that is hit in the standing room area of right field, “Will you come a little closer?”

Ball 1 – Unknown Diamonback

Ball 2 – Humberto Quintero

Ball 3 – Unknown Twin’s kid

Ball 4 – Bat Boy

Ball 5 – Bat Boy

Ball 6 – Bat Boy

Ball 7 – Bat Boy

MVP Thank Yous:

  • Ron Gardenhire – for being a class act and taking the time to say a quick hello to me

As you may have been able to tell, I am running low on storage space via WordPress. I have resorted to posting one collage per post, but I miss having extra pix, especially showcasing some panos from new stadiums. If you have a good work around or would like to see them posted somewhere else, let me know. If interest is high enough, I could be swayed to additional platforms.

2 thoughts on “All I Want To Know Is, Can You Come A Little Closer? – Balls 810-816 (August 20, 2017)

  1. I’m still a novice at managing my WordPress blog, but I use flickr to post pics and WordPress tells me that I’ve only used “.1% of 3 GB used.” So maybe that would help space-wise?

    • I think that is what I am going to try to do at the end of this season – convert to Flickr and get comfortable with embedding from there. Thanks for the suggestion!

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