Tryna Exist In Superposition – Balls 817-826 (August 30, 2017)

Chicago White Sox 1Minnesota Twins 11

Target Field – Minneapolis, MN

August 30, 2017

I went to a baseball game. I caught some baseballs. It was fun.

I sometimes get bored of the “standard format”, so…

Maybe you’d like to see the short video I put together instead? It doesn’t show ALL of the action, but it gives you a glimpse into what a day in my life might be like (or a day in the life of the city). Don;t worry, I only included the fun parts – a concert, bike ride(s), and Twins game. My self-imposed rules for this video were simple – try to tell a story without giving dialog. Maybe you’ll be able to piece together what happened, in general terms, over this period of time.


Podcast from the gates of this game…

Ball 1 – Unknown Twin on the fly

Ball 2 – Juan Minaya

Ball 3 – Security Guard

Ball 4 – Easter Egg

Ball 5 – Rob Brantly

Ball 6 – Mark Salas

Ball 7 – Eduardo Escobar

Ball 8 – Ball Boy

Ball 9 – Ball Boy

Ball 10 – Twins child

MVP Thank Yous:

  • Tyte Jeff – for a great show, yet again
  • Mateo and Sean – for hanging out with me as I got skunked in my quest for a game HR

As you may have been able to tell, I am running low on storage space via WordPress. I have resorted to posting one collage per post, but I miss having extra pix, especially showcasing some panos from new stadiums. If you have a good work around or would like to see them posted somewhere else, let me know. If interest is high enough, I could be swayed to additional platforms.

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